Today, Jake Muzzin was recalled from Manchester.

Well that was fast.

Unfortunately it is because Drew Doughty was placed on IR today, retroactive to October 21st.  Far as I can tell, the injured reserve rule is that a player must be out of action for at least 7 days.  Retroactive to October 21st puts Doughty at 5 days.  This means that the earliest Doughty could return, assuming he stays healthy, is Thursday (10/28) against the Dallas Stars.

This MAY mean that Murray is also unhappy with one of Harrold or Drewiske (probably Drewiske) and would like to give him the bench for a game.  That may be totally off base as the Kings would likely want to carry a 7th defenseman on the roster regardless of how well or poorly the top 6 is playing.

So, congrats once again Muzz, I hope to see you in Manchester again come Thursday through no fault of your own.