Fun game, the second consecutive one on the road. Fast paced and the Kings dominating for most of it…even when they were temporarily behind 2-0.

Let’s look at the highlights:

Kings got both goals on the powerplay. First period one by Stoll who went ROOF on the short side from the left dot. Puck dinged the post on the way in – translation: 3 inches higher and it is over the net. The Kings’ second goal came from Kopitar at the end of the second period on a 5 on 3. I am fairly certain that by then the Kings had 72 powerplay chances…and that’s just in the second.

Minnesota (hereinafter Minnie) is big team but doesn’t have speed across their lines. That attributes to the penalties they take. They reach, grab, hold, suck, etc.

I wasn’t impressed with Quick’s first period. I was damn impressed with his second and third. More on this on the Goalie Tracker page a little later.

Jack Johnson played over 29 minutes…good…Lord…do not forget that both of the Kings’ goals were set up by him at the top of the point. The QB made those happen.

In the second period, the Kings’ “shot” mentality went to another level. If the Wild had many chances in the 1st 1/2 of the second, I didn’t see them. While I dug it, I would like to see a lot of those wrist shots stay low, less than a foot off the ice. That = rebounds = second chances = goals. Goalies have a far easier time with shots from the mid to the upper pad.

On a tangent, if you are female and are going to sit behind either team’s bench, have the respect for the TV viewer to be hot…

This was a rough night for our captain. I am pretty sure he deflected that second Wild goal. Then, he was ejected. Why? Because the ref was an idiot…kind of…Brownie hit Antti Miettinen (hereinafter Stupid Hockey Name #1). It was a lateral hit. Here is rule 48: “A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted.” Was the head targeted? No. The hit was shoulder to shoulder. Watch the video replay…

The shoulder was down. The right arm was down. He never raised his body. He never went for the head. There was no intent. If Brownie intended to make contact with the head, he would have. Stupid Hockey Name #1 was taking a shot and his entire front body opened up. Dustin could have taken his head off if that was his intent and Stupid Hockey Name #1 would have still been out as I write this. The penalty proved irrelevant. The Kings played incredible without their captain. They killed the major and thanks to a huge save by Quick against Koivu, the game remained 2 to 1 at that point. Lots of love for the defense as well. They suffocated Minnie most of the game.

I learned during this game that it is very difficult to stop your body’s momentum in mid leap…I refer to the Ryan Smyth empty net that he shanked wide. He literally had an open net on the left side, bobbled it, and misfired. I am pretty sure Latendresse (Stupid Hockey Name #2) also got a piece of it but it was going wide.

Stupid Hockey Name #2 is a good player by the way.

To get this out of the way, Zidlicky = Stupid Hockey Name #3. Clutterbuck = Stupid Hockey Name #4. How many of these can a team have?

A discussion with my three year old daughter tonight:

“Daddy, why are you yelling?”
“Because they almost scored!”
(she paused)
“Oh…so why are you yelling?”

Rob Scuderi had a great game. The entire defense did, in general. Rob especially though bears mentioning for his stick work and positioning all night. He would not give opposing forwards any time or space.

Before I forget, Brad Richardson looks like Datsyuk out there. He is making the most of his 1st line minutes.

The fact that Stupid Hockey Name #1 had the last shot in the shootout and failed miserably is called justice.

If you are still trying to figure out the title of this article, go here and wait for the 32 second mark, we’ll wait until you come back…

…back yet? Good. Now, hang your head in shame.

Good game. Fun game. We won, as we should have. Always.


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6 replies

  1. How could you forget Stupid Name #5?


  2. Yes Brownie got screwed. Lateral hit was only part of this rule that applied. He better not get a suspension! And finally we saw the JJ player we know he is. Solid great game..stick to stick passing. Defense all played well. Fowards as well.
    Very happy in LA.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Thanks for the video, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Agreed, Richie looked great out there I hope his hot streak continues solid through the season.

  4. Great clip. I’ve only seen the hit in replay, and Eddie Olcyz (sp?) makes the same point that Bobby Holik made in the latter half of that interview about Kovalchuk, where there is responsibility on the part of Miettinen to be aware of where he is and the players around him, and the peril that he put himself in by being in that position in the traffic area of the ice. The hit was lateral, no question about that, but it didn’t contact the head, so there was no targeting of the head, and the misconduct should be removed.


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