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Prized defenseman Drew Doughty, who has not played since suffering a concussion Oct. 20, was ruled out of the Kings’ game against the New Jersey Devils Saturday at Staples Center because skipping it gives him more time to be sure of his fitness before the Kings’ subsequent game, also at home, against Tampa Bay next Thursday.

The Kings had initially hoped the Norris trophy runnerup would be able to return tonight in Dallas against the Stars. However, General Manager Dean Lombardi said Doughty felt some concussion symptoms at least twice while skating in Los Angeles and his return was pushed back.

Coach Terry Murray said he, Lombardi and the coaching staff discussed a timetable for Doughty and determined that keeping the 20-year-old defenseman out of Saturday’s game would be their best course.

“Are we doing the right thing by just saying, ‘Look, take one more game off?’ ” Murray said. “It gives us like five days of practice and just get through it and get ready for the following game.

“And I agree. We all agreed that that’s the right thing to do.”

L.A. Times

File this news under the category “suck”.

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6 replies

  1. we want him back …but only when its right for him its early in the season and his health is the most important thing …recover first play later …..

  2. Doughty is not 100 percent by Thursday and I buy a Cole voodoo doll, hire a witch doctor and spare no expense

  3. Seeing the Doughty and Brown results perhaps a video review of lateral and blind side hits before a major is called. For example Brown should have his game misconduct removed from the record.

    Doughty being lost is a shame. A Doughty-IK match up would made great hockey viewing.

  4. Good thoughts Dewey’s way!
    However long it takes. I am sure no one
    is more anxious to return then DD.
    Nobody more superstitous then the racktrackers I work with :)
    So I’m in for the Voodoo doll.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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