As Clifford and Schenn rapidly approach that magical 9th game, Terry Murray is at it again. He put in Schenn and Westgarth and took out Loktionov and Lewis. The fourth line is now Clifford-Schenn-Westgarth. Peter Harrold is also a healthy scratch in favor of Jake Muzzin.

Meanwhile, for you stat freaks, here are some to chew on:

  • Our boys are looking for their fifth straight win in Dallas.
  • Dallas has lost three straight…correction, after tonight they will have lost three straight.
  • The Kings, with a win tonight, will go 3-2 on the road trip.
  • Kari Lehtonen is 2-0 with a 1.50 GAA against us. He will be 2-1 after tonight.
  • Jonathan Quick is 6-3-0 with a 2.35 GAA against the Stars. Even better, he is a delicious 3-1 with a 1.64 GAA at the American Airlines Arena and is looking for his fourth straight win.

I don’t so much hate the Dallas Stars as I am annoyed by them. The fact their coach is Marc Crawford, a former Kings’ coach who elevated my ire like no other, motivates me to want the Kings to light up the scoreboard tonight 6-1 and send these steers to the slaughter.


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  1. These are the points that the Kings MUST HAVE. Not that we didn’t need the points last night too, but the Stars are in our division and have to made to understand that WE RULE THIS DIVISION!!! We have to put them in their place…AT OUR FEET!!!!

  2. First chance to see the Kings live this season. I was hoping to see Loktionov, but Schenn and Muzzin will have to do. Westgarth is useless and Lewis would be a better option for the third line.

    Go Kings Go!

    • We expect a detailed report from within.

      • Clifford’s best game as a King tonight. I loved how he would dump the puck in the corner just so he could hit the defenseman. His fight was very good and he was skating much better.

        Schenn was okay, he’s fine as a 4th liner right now, but should not be on the PP.

        The game was very sloppy early and the Kings turned it over at both bluelines. Once Poni scored, the Kings stepped up their skating and hitting. I didn’t understand why the goal by Simmods was waived off and I’m glad that replay is used in the NHL. Huge goal for the Kings, hope he isn’t too badly hurt.

        Do you think Clifford or Lewis gets his spot on the third line? Lewis plays RW already, but Clifford played much better tonight and maybe they will try him on the right side.

        Watching Poni live makes me love the signing even more. He’s a beast on the PK and I think he has been the big reason the Kings PK is strong do far. More so than even Mitchell. He’s so good at closing down passing and shooting lanes and is excellent at clearin the puck down the ice. He deserved that goal tonight after the post in Chicago.

        Go Kings Go!! Don’t disappoint against the Devils.

        Doughty now hoping to return by next Thursday. I hate concussions. :(


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