Rich Hammond did a solid short interview with Drew:

DOUGHTY: “I’m feeling good, getting better every day and just looking forward to getting back.”

Question: Do you think you might be able to be back Thursday?

DOUGHTY: “I don’t really have a timetable for you right now. As I said, I’m feeling better every day and just hoping to recover fast but smartly, and be back as soon as I can.”

Question: Are you still feeling symptoms when you push yourself hard on the ice?

DOUGHTY: “I’ve been feeling good. I think, right now, it’s just making sure I’m ready to get back in game form. Without being able to practice with team, being back here in L.A., it’s tough to do that. So hopefully I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Question: Did it scare you at all, when it happened?

DOUGHTY: “Not really. It’s part of hockey and it happens every day. I haven’t had a injury that has kept me out of games for a while now, so it was bound to happen I think, but hopefully I can get back in the games and not get hurt again.”

Question: Did you initially think you might be able to keep playing?

DOUGHTY: “I didn’t know. It was a tough decision. It was kind of in the doctors’ hands. They had to evaluate me and see how I was feeling. Obviously I wasn’t feeling too good, so I didn’t get to go back out there.”

Question: What did you think of the hit (by Erik Cole)?

DOUGHTY: “When I looked at it on TV, or on the Internet, I thought it wasn’t too bad. He did brace himself to make the hit, but I think that’s just because he saw me coming. I don’t think he had any intention of hurting me, or even hitting me. It was just kind of a case where we ran into each other, and it was just unfortunate. I was the only one who got hurt.”

Question: What did you think of the way the team played during the road trip?

DOUGHTY: “It’s great. I’m really happy. I was back at home being their biggest fan, watching the games. I was really happy with the way they were playing. I thought they played great. That game they lost in Chicago, I thought it was their game to win. Overall, we’re really happy with how the road trip went, and now, going forward, we’re home for a little bit here and hopefully we can do the same thing.”

Three things: First, he doesn’t believe he has a time table for a return. Thus, Murray “penciling” in Drew for Thursday is all led, no ink and no exaggeration. Second, Drew makes a good point. How would he never whether he’s ready unless he practices with the team with contact? That explains further why the Kings played it safe and kept him out. That is 4 days of practice, possible 5, before the next game on November 4. Third, he didn’t think the hit was dirty. We love you Drew. It was. It was late and unnecessary but your response may prevent me from investing in a Cole voodoo doll.

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  1. You just rest, Drew. Take all the time you need. You got 10+ seasons of brilliant hockey to play. Seven Stanley cups to win. 8 Norris trophies, 10 President’s trophies, 3 Hart trophies, 2 Lady Byngs and 2 Conn Smythes trophies to lift. Don’t worry. The guys are gonna get the job done. We’ll miss you but health always comes first.

  2. LOL, ok, no Lady Byngs for Drew. Kopitar’s smile is …….something.
    I was totally serious on the health first issue. A couple of games this season versus a lifetime of playing great hockey and lifting heavy trophies. And the winner is………

  3. Great Read!!! wish I had better words to describe hoe freakin lucky
    Los Angeles is to have Dewey Super Star. He is absolutey adorable in his enthusiam
    (he was their biggest fan) and youth. Smart enough to listen to the Drs.
    Us fans just have to be patient.
    Nice interview by Rich.


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