Tomorrow night is the haunted night many in LA have been awaiting, when Ilya Kovalchuk takes the ice at Staples in a crown-less uniform.

Many of us were upset after the very long engagement that never came to be during the offseason.  Kovalchuk was signing with the Kings, no he wasn’t, yes he was, no he didn’t.  For many it is still a sore spot.  Hindsight may be 20/20, but for others its 50/50 and still for some, hindsight in this scenario is literally hindsight, as in “trying to look around the big ass starting back at you.”

No, I don’t know what that means, but I said it anyway.

Here are some things Ilya Kovalchuk said regarding his first game against the Kings since signing his historic $100 million deal with the Devil.  Sorry, Devils.  Read the full article from nj.com here.

Kovalchuk downplayed his recruiting visit to L.A. during negotiations and wouldn’t reveal whether the Kings came close to signing him. At various points it was reported that the team also offered $63 million over 12 years and $84.5 million over 13 years.

“They were just one of the teams that wanted to get a deal done. There were negotiations, but I don’t want to talk about them,” Kovalchuk told The Star-Ledger.

Kings general manager Dean Lombardi did not respond to repeated requests for an interview.

Back in July, Kings chief executive Tim Leiweke wrote in an email to the Los Angeles Times that Kovalchuk “had two very good choices. New Jersey offered more money. Simple as that. We threw everything we had at him while leaving cap space necessary to sign our kids. He is a great player and I am disappointed he didn’t come to L.A. It wasn’t for lack of effort or cash.”

So what will Saturday night’s game at Staples Center be like?

“That’s going to be just another regular game,” Kovalchuk insisted. “My agent got some calls from other teams, as well, not just L.A. so it didn’t mean anything. I respect what they did. I had a good time, it was interesting and different. But it was nothing.

“This is not going to be anything special for me. I’ve played in L.A. before. Nothing has changed. It’s a very important game for us. They have a good young team and we need the win.”

Kind of funny that he makes it out to be that the negotiations with the Kings were the same as apparent negotiations with other teams that no one has ever heard about.  That is just my snarky side talking.  Obviously Kovalchuk is going to downplay the negotiations, as he should.  Some of Kovalchuk’s comments could be construed as hostile, but only if you are entering your reading with piss and vinegar colored glasses pressed firmly against the bridge of your nose.

Later in the article, Patrick Elias had this to say:

“So they’re going to boo him. So what?” Elias said. “Our fans cheer him. When you don’t sign with a team, you’re always going to make someone upset.”

Which brings us to today’s Kings poll.  Are you going to boo Kovalchuk tomorrow?

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  1. You’re not a true Kings fan unless you boo Kovalchuk. The “it was nothing” comment was interesting considering he did fly down and meet with Tim Leiweke and Justin Beiber (well, I’m assuming it was him). It’s too bad Drew Doughty won’t be on the ice to hipcheck the sh*t out of him.

    • Not a true Kings fan, eh? Them’s be fighting words!

      I’m still undecided. I don’t PLAN on booing him, but knowing myself and my proclivity towards the loud and the obnoxious, I probably won’t be able to help myself.

      BTW, in my head it was Taylor Swift. I forget whether I heard that or assumed it.

      • Boo him? What the hell for? After all, he did us a huge favor.

        Unmistakable laughter following his every mistake, misstep and bad bounce would be much more effective.

  2. I won’t be present live but you can bet your hindside I’ll be booing from my “Kings” chair. But, even before that I’ll be rooting for our long time enemy to beat the tar out of that “it really doesn’t matter guy.” It’s not like me to hold individual grudges, but I’ve really come to not like this individual. Shame on me.

  3. If I can make F*** You somehow come out as Boo, then yes, I will Boo him louder than most.

  4. i will be giving him an earful screw the cancer they call kovalsuck………..

  5. He’ll probably get hurt by the Ducks, denying Kingsfans the opportunity, till next year. By then we’ll have won the cup and won’t care about Kovalschmuck. I’ll boo him next year though.

  6. This thread was made for Steve S. and he’s yet to make an appearance…

    (Braces self)

    • Why thank you for the recognition. My position has not changed. He is still a greedy prick and I hate the fucker and his asshole agent. I generally don’t like to see players get hurt but this may be an exception. I wouldn’t mind seeing him eat shit into the boards or even end up in diapers. I still think he needs Ovechkin to blow him so he can get his mojo.

      Okay you have succeeded in getting me seething. I’ll be at the game tomorrow night and being at it is Matti Nordstrom’s night and Blake will be there, I will transfer any hostility towards Blake to Kovalchuk…

  7. I’m not gonna lie. I now have a team (and a player) I hate more than the Quacks.

    F you Kovalchuk.

    “Keep your ugly gold-bricking ass out of my beach community.”

  8. Who cares? We’re a better team without him. He’d just eat up our cap space. And I am a true fan, been one since the 93 season. He wanted the $$$.

  9. Tomorrow should be fun! Wish I could be there in person.


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