Here it is boys and girls. Our first podcast. We are still learning the ropes with this unique media. We promise to bring you more style in future ones including Surly and I together, talking puck. For now, I hope you enjoy the one that popped lakingsnews.com’s cherry. GO KINGS!


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  1. First of all, let me begin by saying I think the idea of the podcast is great and your great writing skill shines through the entire time; however, as someone well versed in public speaking I would like to contribute a little constructive criticism. You can tell that you’re reading a script. I’m not saying it’s bad that you are reading a script, after all your writing is excellent, but you don’t want to sound like you’re reading a script. Listen to your second sentence again. Do you hear the pause that comes after “… comes to you …”? I would imagine that “… comes to you …” came at the end of the line on the page and you had to go to the beginning of the next line before you started up again. Try to get the sentence more fluid … so it sounds more like your just talking. Read your script a couple of times through before you record it so you know what you’re trying to say each sentence. I’m not saying memorize the whole thing but have a feel for the what you are trying to say, if not the exact words, so that when you read from it you don’t have the pauses because you already have a feel for what’s coming next.

    Lastly, the line about Dallas was SPEC-tacular.

    • The Podcast thing is interesting but also goes hand in hand with what I do every day – litigate in court. Some of what you hear (the pauses, inflection) are natural to me because we use it in court constantly. It’s how I speak outside of a casual conversation setting. However, you are 100% correct. It needs to be softened up. It cracked me up when I first heard it – my first thought was, damn, I sound like a lawyer. I wasn’t reading the lines, usually after 3-4 read throughs, I have the paragraphs I have written close to memorized (again, many years of litigating) but I had it as a reference point next to me and it wasn’t necessary – I will do away with it next time and that will smooth it out.

      The podcast thing was started with the idea of Surly and I doing discussion sessions or humorous bits (one of which will come toward the end of November when we play the Birds) for the readers that would normally be too long or not as entertaining for the readers to just read. I will likely do a week preview of upcoming games once every week. Still learning the craft though and I am learning there is more to this podcast thing than I thought, many fun ways to play with it. I am not used to talking into a computer but, hey, it has more life than trying to engage a Ducks fan in a hockey discussion.

  2. Hi guys. The podcast is a great idea – and I agree with Chruceg that it could be smoother, but it’s the first one! I do a lot of this kind of speaking, and know that it will get better with every performance, so don’t quit. The music in the background is perfect, and your voice is easy to listen to. The info you offer is good stuff, too – so stretch it out to 15 minutes next time and maybe do a segment on a specific player (a bio maybe) or offer some news from around the NHL concerning the Kings. I’d definitely listen to that.

    Make sure you get this podcast set up on iTunes so we can upload it. You might also think about doing a live show on BlogTalkRadio maybe once a month or during the playoffs – then you can take calls from other King’s fans!


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