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  1. Shots 20-4 in the third period. Wow.

    The Kings better wake up in time for the Tampa game, they will light up the Kings if given 20 shots in a period.

    Westgarth is beyond useless, no reason to dress him against the Devils and he is now a -4 and only gets 5 mnutes a game. You really have to try hard to suck that much.

    Clifford is now a -5. Parse needs to get healthy and the Kings could roll 4 lines:




    Very solid team. Send Loktionov back to Manchester to get some ice time with Kozun and King.

    • What happened to the Sydor25 who was just happy to win?

      The Kings went into a defensive shell in the third. Only 2 or 3 of the Devil’s shots were remotely dangerous.

      • I’m happy for the win, but there is no reason to dress Westgarth against the Devils. I just want to see 4 lines that can contribute. Richardson-Schenn-Lewis can be a solid line for around 8 minutes a night.

        8-3 in October is very good. Quick has been outstanding, getting in better shape has improved his play. Doughty could learn from Quick on this.

    • But yes, Westgarth is quite useless on the ice.
      I’m flabbergasted that anyone sees him as an improvement over Ivanans.

  2. I forgot to mention that Jack now has 8 points in 11 games. Good job stepping up with Drew out of the lineup.

  3. Jarret Stoll: goal & 2 assists
    Justin Williams: goal & 1 assist
    Michael Handzus: power play goal
    Jonathan Quick: 39 saves

    Ilya Kovalchuk: invisible first 2 periods. -1, 2 shots, 20:18 toi

    Bring on Tampa Bay!!!

  4. Zach Parise will not fly to Vancouver with the Cupcakes, instead he & Uncle Lou took a private jet back to New Jersey. The only comment the Cupcakes had regarding Parise was that he has a “lower body injury.” It’s possible Parise has a serious knee injury which occurred when he was hit by Kyle Clifford with 3:40 left in the second. He did not play in the 3rd.

    If the Cupcakes thought it could not get any worse, it appears they are wrong.


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