So, it was a bruise…didn’t we pretty much guess bruise? But when they said “lower” body injury, that threw me off because from the moment I saw him in pain, we guessed bruised rib or, gasp!, broken rib. Now that we know it is the former, we also know this: He will feel pain but he can’t hurt it anymore and it won’t interfere too much with his play (except for the hitting) so long as the area is well protected. Of course, this all assumes it was a bruised rib, which it may not be, given the whole “lower body” injury tag. If he got a bruised thigh or hip from a hit to his ribs, then that raises a whole host of what the hell questions…

Any guesses on what part of his lower body he bruised in a shot to the ribs / obliques or do we just say, who cares, Simmer is back!

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  1. Kings sign during warmup:

    “Our 17 is better”


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