Sorry… couldn’t resist the temptation when I read this quote from Ilya Kovalchuk on TSN:

“We have to look in the mirror and think what we can do better,”

You know who thinks?  Losers.

You know what winners do?  They know.

Perhaps there is just a language barrier here…

But then you read this quote on Hammond from Devil’s Coach John MacLean and realize its not a language barrier, its infectious from the top down:

“We’ve just got to keep saying we need to battle through this.”

Once again, you know who just says things?  Losers.

Winners just do.

Nike knows it, Yoda knows it.  New Jersey thinks and talks.

I’d like to say that because we won’t play them again until next year, that this concludes Surly & Scribe’s words on Kovalchuk and the Devils, but while I may be kind of a jerk, I am not a liar.