Young Kings fans identify with Matty Norstrom because he was their first captain. Those of us who have been following the team for 30 years look at him with a similar love, not just because he wore the C but that he did it with such respect and honor. I loved Matty. He wasn’t the rah rah type. He wouldn’t break any speed records on the ice. An offensive defenseman? You couldn’t plan a defender more defensive than Norstrom if you genetically engineered him. Matty was all about his own zone and during the old NHL, when strength, size and punishment was of a much higher relevance than today, no spleen was safe on the ice.

An unexpected satisfaction from Matty’s night was seeing Ian Laperriere in a Kings’ jersey. I breathed deep. I missed Ian. I am so very glad he retired. Few have earned it more. Watching him on our ice in our colors brought closure.

Here are some photos in a short slideshow.


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  1. Matty showed class his entire career, and it was good to see the team honor Matty and his class on a night where, cowering in his dressing room, sat Ilya Kovalchuk, one of the least classy players ever to lace up the skates. The only Devil to come out for the ceremony was Larry Robinson, who had coached Norstrom.

  2. Class act all the way. A favorite Kings Captain, the silent leader. Bobby, I agree with you concerning Lappy in a Kings jersey, it was a sight for sore eyes. Hell, all those guys in our colors. I have fond memories of all the players that pulled on a jersey and skated out to honor Matty. You could throw together a couple of strong lines from the guys on ice. Thanks for the photos and I’m glad I was there to see him wave to the crowd.

  3. I’m so very glad they had this night for Matty and that I was there! He’ll always be one of my all time favorites.

    And like you guys…I’m sure we all look forward to Lappy night next! He deserves it!!


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