Young Kings fans identify with Matty Norstrom because he was their first captain. Those of us who have been following the team for 30 years look at him with a similar love, not just because he wore the C but that he did it with such respect and honor. I loved Matty. He wasn’t the rah rah type. He wouldn’t break any speed records on the ice. An offensive defenseman? You couldn’t plan a defender more defensive than Norstrom if you genetically engineered him. Matty was all about his own zone and during the old NHL, when strength, size and punishment was of a much higher relevance than today, no spleen was safe on the ice.

An unexpected satisfaction from Matty’s night was seeing Ian Laperriere in a Kings’ jersey. I breathed deep. I missed Ian. I am so very glad he retired. Few have earned it more. Watching him on our ice in our colors brought closure.

Here are some photos in a short slideshow.


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