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  1. SQUEEEE!! My man-crush returns and I’ll be there to see it!

  2. I don’t really know why but I have an uncomfortable nervousness about his return. I hope he’s fully recovered.

  3. He was looking really good during Monday’s morning practice. He was stick handling just fine (also showed off by juggling/bouncing the puck on his blade) and was back up to full speed during the 2 on 1 and 3 on 2 plays.

  4. Yes! I trust He passed all the tests 100% or he would not be allowed back. Precious commodity that he is.
    This is more important / intriguing news then our election results…oh boy how sick does that make me. :0

  5. Kasey,
    Did you get any pictures of Hiedi kissing his forhead to make it all better?

  6. Also, are you going to the insider suite on November 11th? I’m bringing a camara, but I suck at taking pictures.

  7. Dominick – I didn’t even see her during the Monday practice! That would have been an awesome shot though! I have tickets to the game on the 11th in section 108, but I don’t have a media/press pass to get the camera inside Staples. :(

  8. My purse isn’t THAT big! lol


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