NHL stint #1 for Andrei Loktionov has come to an end.

Today “Loki” was assigned to the Manchester Monarchs.

The Kings skated in practice with Scott Parse on the first line, a good sign for an imminent return of the projected top 6 winger.

Ponikarovsky is not at practice… but we don’t know why.  My guess is he is not going to Manchester.  I know, a real shot in the dark.

Hard to say if this bodes well or not for Schenn and Clifford.  They are still with the Kings, but Loki’s absence does not mean they are safe from another season in juniors.  The Kings can still recall Loki on a whim, as well as other fringe forwards like Oscar Moller and Richard Clune.  As we saw with Jake Muzzin last week, a call up can happen immediately after a demotion if the situation calls for it.  With Trevor Lewis on the roster, Parse and Doughty set to return sooner than later from IR, the Kings can send both Schenn and Clifford down, recall no one, and still ice a 22-man roster.

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  1. This move makes sense. Let’s face it, the kid isn’t ready. He might have the skill to be a #2 or #3 center but he’s not there yet. My only hope is that he realizes this, goes back and works his butt off rather than bolt to Russia (like Voynov might). I think he’s got the skill to make it in LA one of these days. But, if you want him on the wing, you need to play him on the wing in Manchester.

  2. one word..F…
    like the little guy.. speed and style.. improved Huge from last training camp..
    coaches know best.. right.. he will help Manchester .. given
    now wish that team was here in Cali.. I would be trying to take in some games..
    We have a lot of players worth following..

  3. I think he’s ready Keith. Could he use improvement? Sure. Will time in Manchester hurt his development? Absolutely not. It could easily be hugely beneficial. However he has learned how to take a hit and his head reads the game as fast as NHLers play it. I’m not overly upset by this move, but I think Loki has shown us all the wiles of an NHL ready player. Its a matter of time, need, Parse being ahead on the list and Schenn, Clifford being here or in juniors. If Schenn and Clfford were eligible for Manchester, this move may easily not have happened.

  4. And yes hockey jockey, Loki did improve in a big way from last training camp. His ability to take a hit is the biggest difference I saw. Last year he was so easily knocked off the puck and you were scared every time he got hit that he wouldn’t get up. Now he either rolls off checks, bounces right back up after absorbing them, or dodges them completely.

    My hopes for him just keep growing.

  5. I too like all the improvements he’s made from last years camp. What I liked most though was his ability to move with the puck during the PP forcing Kopitar to un-glue his behind from the boards and rotate with him…..and good things stated happening. Well done son. Work hard in Manchester and we’ll see you soon

  6. Can we please get back to putting the comments in order? It doesn’t make sense to read the replies to another comment first (since the newest comments are now listed at the top). No body reads from the bottom up, at least in America. ;)

  7. Doughty has been cleared to play! :)

    Guess that means Muzzin is traveling with Loki.

  8. That might be exactly what they need to do with him in Manch, adjusting to the wing position may work out a few time and space issues. Lokti is going to be a great player, but how to get him into the lineup night after night, will depend on how confident he can play his position, and most importantly that the position is available!!!!
    Kopi had a huge adjustment period on the defensive side of being an NHL centerman, and it’s paid off, your idea may just pay off down the road, good one Keith!!!

  9. On the Poni situation, if he sit’s out tomorrow, Clifford to the 3rd line……..Parse obviously going straight to the 1st line enigma, Schenn centers the 4th with Richie on wing.
    TM could very easily keep Clifford on the 4th line, BUT this may be a significant moment to see where he can go in a slightly larger and more responsible role.
    IF and we can all armchair coach, our 3rd line, shut down line shows signs of weakness against the Stamkos train, Richie can be moved and we are back to last seasons 3rd.

  10. This move to Manchester, and no one knows that it’s for the full season, will ultimately benefit both Loki and the Kings. He is going to get more minutes per night in Manchester. He is going to learn how to win there. He will grow in his position and the position that the Kings ultimately want him to fill with the Monarchs. I have no doubt that Ron Hextall and the staff in Manchester will work with Loki, just as they did with Bernier last season, to use the taste of the NHL that he has gained so far, to stoke the hunger to get back, and stay back, with the Kings when the opportunity arises.

    We are very fortunate to be in the position to let someone with his skill set continue to improve in the AHL for another year. GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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