This is the only time I will use this site for anything other than hockey related news or entertainment.

Without any specific political agenda, I insist that you get off your ass and vote.

Do it. Don’t think about it like Kovalchuk thinks the Devils can improve. Don’t hope like John MacLean hopes he will still Have a job in January.

Do it.

Do it like Brown finishes a check. Do it like Quick slides across the crease. Do it like Johnson does it in the shootout.

Get it done.

I shouldn’t need to you twice. But I will.


Ok, back to your regularly scheduled hockey programming. So Luongo got his first shutout of the season.

Yeah, I don’t care either.

Look for the Alexei Ponikarovsky In Focus article to be posted by tomorrow night.

Oh, one last thing.


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  1. Haha…oh Vancouver how I hate your hockey team.

  2. Jacob, thank you so much for posting this. I wasn’t able to be around yesterday because I was working the polls, processing voters from 6am till 8 pm close of polls (We got the ballots counted and where out of the check-in center by 9:15, after processing over 300 votes). It was the largest turnout that I can remember since the recall election that made Ah-nold our governator. The people meeting that you can do working the polls cannot be beaten! Many brave young men and women are defending our right to vote on foreign soil right now, so the least that we can do to honor them is to exercise the right that they are risking their lives for! I would urge anyone to work the polls for at least one election, and participate in your government in action in it’s most direct form.


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