They just gained a first line center and a top pairing defenseman.

For Loktionov and Muzzin I expect nothing short of total domination of the AHL.  Make it impossible for the Kings not to want you back in Los Angeles.

I am curious to hear from some Monarch fans, if you are out there reading.  What’s it like to be in flux so much of the season?  The mixed emotions of losing your best players to the pros and the joys of seeing them return all the wiser and wilier from their experiences seems like a tumultuous marriage of dejection and elation.

Though, I may not need an answer. I just may find out for myself tomorrow.  With Doughty’s return to the lineup and, assuming Parse can spark Kopitar, the Kings could effectively gain a 1st line center and a #1 defenseman of their own.

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  1. Loktionov score just after 2 minutes tonight for the Monarchs. They won 4-1.

    Hopefully they both join Manchester with good attitudes.

    Maybe Muzzin’s mom can let you know how he feels.


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