I’d like to thank the following people for an entertaining game and hockey night.

Let’s start with Justin Williams. You are the apple of my eye. The bees of our knees. You are a hard skating, no stop, all go, big heart, almost as good-looking as me superstar who needs a contract extension quick…

Speaking of whom, Jonathan, Kings’ fans are at ease with you defending the net. You are maturing before our eyes. That kid with the dynamic lateral movement and no quit style has turned his swagger and flare into a consistent force in goal, one that can be relied upon at each phase of the game, first minute, up, down and the final seconds. You are a goalie god and from one god to another…

Zeus! The tall and steady force on both sides of the ice. Never out of position. Always back checking. Can give a hit. Can take a hit. The veteran presence, the intelligent leader, every stride has purpose, every shift as consistent as the last.

Never the last, when others count you out, claim your best days are behind you, you remind them Ryan Smyth is the definition of grease. You keep this motor running baby.

Drew. The Doughty one. Surly loves the dirty side. For a first game back, what a game it was.

Willie Mitchell. A blessing to our defensive core.

Jack Johnson. Showing why Drew is not the only superstar that patrols the blue line. That hit tonight was all highlight.

Kyle…I wouldn’t want to fight you either but if you really did want to go, I would oblige because when you pay for that beer afterward that you can’t drink yet, I could say for the rest of my life I stood toe to toe against Clifford and got my ass handed to me…that may buy me beers for the next thirty years.

Kopi. Keep working baby. It will come.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention…

Randy Jones. Thank you for being on the ice and not defending anybody on that Kings’ goal.

So, that is worth $7 million, eh Vinny? That’s a nice gig you got there.

Martin St. Louis. Respect.

Steve Stamkos. You’re good. We’re better.

Mike Smith…you are no star. That failed neck snap back acting job in the first earned you a loss of all integrity for the rest of the month. If I was your coach, you would write on the black board, “I will not act like a douche bag” 1000 times.

Last and very much least, Steve Downie. If dog shit wore shoes, it would wipe you off from its bottom. If Sean Avery bent Corey Perry over, Dion Phaneuf would crap you out 9 months later. You are as ugly as you are a coward. Clifford is ready to go…he shoves you, he grabs you, he knocks your helmet over your face until it becomes affixed to your neck like a brace and you do what? Bitch. You’re not a pest. You’re a repugnant toothless imp and I know what you don’t. You talk too much for a fighting man.

Kings continue atop the NHL. Exactly as it should be. Show the love for our boys!


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  1. It was Willie Mitchell that fought Downie, not Clifford. I heard people sitting around me at the game making that mistake too. 33 and 13 do look alike I guess.

  2. Downie’s a ______ (enter anything here that can be attributed to his play).

    Even Don Cherry called him out for picking on little guys when he “played” for Philadelphia. Where does this ______ (repeat first entry) think he is? This isn’t the Serengeti. Yet he acts like a predator seeking out the weakest in a group and hunts them down. This kind of player needs to be removed like the cancer he is.


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