Fast game.

Kings blew a 5 minute powerplay early when my new focal point for verbal abuse, Matthias Ohlund viciously boarded Dustin Brown. Our captain was OK, our powerplay, not so much.

Drewiske played well at both ends of the ice.

Clifford tried to get Downie to fight but Downie declined due to a canted helmet and itchy vagina. Let me reiterate, itchy, smelly infected vagina.  Scribe will elaborate later.

Period ends 0-0.

Downie’s period is in full flow.

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  1. That was so bogus! They need to get that play called consistently. Thornton got thrown out of the game earlier today for the same kind of hit, and so did Brownie on his hit in open ice, but he gets boarded and there’s nothing. It’s bullshit!

  2. seriously, you so lose crediability with the female trashing.
    Just say Jock Itch…makes more sense.
    Trying to raise your consciousness a bit.
    It ut futile?


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