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  1. That was a great game. The Kings are demonstrating that they have the resilience and the determination to defeat any team in the league. These are critical points to get for the Kings, because we have limited opportunities to face the teams of the Eastern Conference, and we have to show them that we are for real. We are building a great point total here, and I would love for us to stay at or near the top of the league for the entire season. The road to Lord Stanley’s Chalice may very well be the 101 freeway!!!

  2. Now that was a game!. Very impressive, indeed. So many positives, so many golf claps tonight.

    Williams continues excellence. Kopitar where are you? You want to talk about superstar, Doughty is all you need to say…..Kopitar is not in this conversation. Doughty’s desire to be special is a true pleasure to witness.

    Love this teams commitment to each other…..brings a tear to my eyes.

  3. Hahahaha. I guess I should explain that comment. I had a house full of my daughters friends over last night working on a school project, so I had to tone it down a bit. They already think I’m a little off…..so the gulf clap was in order even though I was rejoicing internally with some intensity. :)

    Ya know Surley, I wouldn’t have cared if we won or lost last night, that was one hell of a game from both sides.


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