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Here is what Ron Wilson said after his team lost in a shootout to the Capitals: “I don’t view it as a loss at all. I don’t view shootouts as losses. It’s you roll the dice on the ice.” What? They aren’t wins and the NHL doesn’t have ties. That leaves one remaining category. This may be Wilson telling us he is in denial. That fact seems to run deep in that franchise. Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had asked him a follow-up question, akin to “so coach, if your team ever wins a shootout, you won’t consider that a victory and happily forfeit the two points, right?” I would have asked that. Surly would have as well though he may have thrown in a reference to the female anatomy in the question.

When did this obsession with reworking the standings based on something other than points become trendy? Winning percentage, games played, de-factoring shootout losses, come on people, it’s points. That’s it. If you are going to engage in analysis of how well a team is really doing, knock yourself out. All those other factors become relevant to some extent I suppose, but don’t call it the damn standings. I am waiting for the “true standings” that take into consideration the ice girls’ cup sizes and the demographics of the fan base.

Everyone is up in arms over head shots. Those receiving the head shots (which makes the expression up in arms over heads shots funny) and now Joe Thornton who delivered one. He is irate and indignant over his two game suspension because he believes he didn’t hit David Perron that hard in the head. Let me look at the rule again: “A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted.” Nope, nothing in there about how hard the hit happened to be. Here is the video by the way.

The league is trying to ingrain in the players that lateral and blind side hits that make contact with or target the head are off-limits. That fact has to become second nature to the players. It’s been implemented cold turkey.  Anytime you force a sudden change on a group of individuals, there will be an initial period of strict enforcement to set a precedent and break old habits. Remember when seat belt laws first went into effect in California? A huge number of people were getting pulled over and ticketed. Now? Not so much because the far majority of people have wised up and put on their seat belts. It has become second nature. This new rule against head shots and blind side hits is going to get enforced very strictly this season and possibly the next two until the players stop hitting others in the head or target the head. You can whine about it or start changing your tendencies. The latter will benefit you longer. Joe Thornton should have used the invisibility defense – specifically, that there is no way he could have delivered that head shot because he was technically invisible at the time…though that defense would work much better in the playoffs, eh Joe?

Here we go again with the talk about changing overtime to 3 on 3. Really? I even read one that wanted to make OT 4 on 4 for 4 minutes and then 3 on 3 for 4 minutes for an 8 minute overtime. I think this actually came from an NHL GM. Has anyone thought this through? What happens on a 3 on 3 when there is a penalty? Does it stay 3 on 3, because that is what the rules state now – you cannot have less than 3 players on the ice. So, “Getzlaf with the puck, crosses over the blue line, OHH!!! Kyle Clifford just decapitated Ryan Getzlaf! Ryan’s head is rolling toward the Kings’ goalie, Jonathan Quick, who steers it aside! That’s really too bad…there will be a TV timeout while the blood and brain matter is cleaned up from the ice. The teams will continue to remain at even strength, 3 on 3…”


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  1. I’m waiting for someone to throw out the idea of a college football hybrid overtime rule. Home team gets a 5 v. 4 power play for 2 minutes, then the visitors get the chance on the power play for 2 minutes.

    In my opinion, it’s just regular season and the current system works well to decide who gets in the playoffs. I wouldn’t change a thing. I understand that people in New York have to be upset about missing the playoffs because of a shootout. But I would retort that (1) they had 82 games to improve their lot, and (2) they can only blame themselves for needing a shootout goal from Jokinen to get in.

  2. I’m not a fan of the shoot out to settle a tie game. (Not just because my team sucks at it) What is wrong with two teams battling themselves to a draw and splitting the points down the centre? 2 Points for a win. 0 points for a loss. 1 point for each team in a tie. The penalty shot is one of the most exciting plays in sports and made more so by it’s rarity.

    3-3 is just as silly. Bring back the tie.

    I wonder how long Wilson has left in TO? Not long I imagine.

    • I actually tend to agree with you. I never had such a huge problem with ties. Sure, the shootout is exciting. I love it as pure entertainment. But objectively and righteously speaking, its a bogus way to decide a game.

      That said, watching two teams play to a tie for a point instead of none is really friggin boring.

      What would I propose if I had Bettman’s puppet strings? 2 points for a win. No points for a loss.

      ZERO points awarded for a tie.

      You want to see some balls out action in overtime? Make finishing the game in a tie no better than a loss in regulation.

      Though really, the game is as amazing as I’ve ever seen it since I’ve been watching (early 90’s).

  3. I agree with Surly. No points for the tie. I don’t mind the game being decided by the shootout, but I think people are playing the overtime to get to the shootout because they end up with a point anyway. If you take away the tie point, they have to play harder to settle the game. There should not be a reward for playing not to lose a short overtime period so you can get to a skill competition. I’ve been watching the game since the mid 70’s BTW.


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