I always thought Colleen Williams was a little hot. Well, when she was younger but still…I wanted to play with her silver streak. What? Shut up. Here is the video.

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  1. I sued to think she was hot too. Now she seems mundane and ordinary. If she is a Kings’ fan, well then, that may raise her stock some…

  2. Finally some Kings love. That was great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You guys are mearly scratching the surface!!!!! My oldest son has played with Colleen’s son for a few years now, She is a REAL HOCKEY MOM +. She was the teams manager, cheerleader and would have all the players at her house for team functions or just to hang out before games.
    Her family are PURE hockey fanatics, she’s not kidding. She’s Canadian, all her brothers played hockey, Justin is not related………..she was raised in, or around hockey rinks. She’s had our team profiled on Rogan’s Hero’s before, and I’m very pleased to see her in on the long time coming King’s fanfare. Freddy can say he’s been a season ticket holder, but Colleen has hockey in her soul, and should be there with Freddy for all the Kings profiles. Thanks you guys for giving her props, she’s been quietly there all along.

  4. What do you mean ‘was’? What do you mean ‘a little’? Colleen IS way hot! Smart, too. And a major hockey fan to boot? That’s what ya call a dream girl.

  5. For more love:

    NHL’s Top 10 of the week:

    #2 Goal: Justin Williams sweeeeeeeeeeeet move to beat Mike Smith for the only goal in the 1-0 win over Tampa Bay

    #9 Hit: Jack Johnson’s hit that just flattened Mattias Ritola in the 1-0 win over Tampa Bay

    Not so much love for the Kings but still a replay involving the Kings

    #6 Save: Pekka Rinne robbing Smyth in the first period of the 4-1 win over Nashville.


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