– It’s time to make a decision on Clifford. The 19-year-old boy in a man’s body with a Genghis style mean streak is either going to play Thursday or go to Juniors. God help those kids in Juniors if he is sent down. All I see is blood and pain.

– Drew Doughty and Rob Scuderi, season II. That is according to Murray. So the question is now, Matt Greene and Jack Johnson? Davis Drewiske and Peter Harrold or Jake Muzzin? Doughty-Scuderi worked last season. That is the only reason for it. At this point, I would be shocked if Johnson doesn’t get paired with Greene. That keeps the one defensive defenseman (veteran) with one offensive defenseman grouping the Kings’ favor intact.

– Richardson is moving up to the third line. He will take Poni’s spot. I don’t like this move. Unless Moller is coming up from Manchester, we will have three rookies on the fourth line. What do you think? Makes me nervous.

– If Brayden Schenn gets a chance to play on Thursday (which he should), he better play like his season depends on it. If you cannot get up for what may be your final game in the NHL until 2011, then you’re not ready. Thursday’s game will prove a nice test for this blossoming rookie.

– Guest writer on this site, Howard Roark, accompanied me to the Kings’ last game against Nashville. He made an interesting observation, one that after he spoke it, I saw it. Scott Parse is still laboring. He doesn’t look 100% out there. His facial expressions, stride, all show it. I don’t expect too much from Parse right now except to keep getting better each game. Howard will be attending Thursday’s game as well so if any of you want to buy him a beer, I approve.

–  My three-year old daughter is now of the belief that my “job” is hockey.

– Have you checked out the Goalie Tracker and Lineup Card pages at the top of your screen? What’s the matter with you? Read it. We are tracking each game for you. Imagine how valuable this information is going to be by January to June (yeah, I wrote JUNE!) when we can go back and track how the different line combinations performed, what were the best and least effective pairings on forward and defense, how each of our two-headed goalie dragons played, what their tendencies were, the big saves, the bad goals and where they continued to excel or needed improvement. It is a necessity for every lucidly insane Kings fan, as is the Video Highlight page that is updated after each game. It’s not just the normal highlights. Sometimes, we find little video gems you normally would not find or see.

– Some serious love for my fellow fans. When news came of Mitchell and Ponikarovsky’s injuries, I read or heard the words throughout the web (Twitter, Facebook), message boards (which I sometimes peruse stealth like), and those with whom I spoke of a collectively cool and confident fan base that, like the team, believed this was just part of the game and we would overcome the injuries without missing a beat. Bravo. The fans are maturing with the team. Panic is for losers.


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  1. Murray said that Clifford-Lewis-Westgarth will be the 4th line against Dallas. 3 rookies and I only have the usual worries for Westgarth dragging down the line. If he doesn’t take a stupid offensive zone penalty, I’ll be happy.

    Dancing boy tweeted that Schenn is staying. Take it for what it is worth.

  2. Wait,

    Hockey analysis isn’t a job. What have I been doing with my life?

    Crap, I have to do something else now?


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