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It appears NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has been exploring the possibility of leaving his post for a job in Major League Baseball, according to a report on Toronto radio station The Fan 590.

During the program “Primetime Sports,” which aired yesterday evening, host Bob McCown revealed that Bettman has been lobbying for the role as Commissioner of MLB once current Commissioner Bud Selig retires.


“Gary Bettman has been campaigning for the job of commissioner of Major League Baseball to succeed Bud Selig,” McCown said, “but Stan Kasten is the chosen one.”


It has been widely reported that once Bettman leaves his post as NHL Commissioner, current Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly will take over, though that is not expected to take place in the near future.


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  2. Would not miss Buttman for a split second.

  3. Yeah but his regime could quite possibly screw the Kings for the 2012 All Star Game.

    The top brass of the NHL are looking to change the All Star game starting in 2012;_ylt=AkxoaYscEmyF69s7v2CkhTp7vLYF?slug=ap-all-starshakeup

  4. Watching the Quacks-Sharks game and I must say SJ isn’t the powerhouse they’ve been the last couple years. Well, I should say, they haven’t looked that good in the 2 games I’ve seen (one with and one without that Joe guy).

    Come on Sharks, crush those Ducks.

    By the way, not that interested in Bettman. Maybe I should be, but I’m not.

  5. I don’t think the people in baseball would be so dumb as to adopt this douche bag.

  6. The wishful thinking part of me hopes, that’s exactly what baseball does, is take this douche bag off our hands! He can take Bill Daly and Colon Campbell with him, when he goes!

  7. What I find interesting is that apparently the job at the MBL isn’t even up for grabs. If Bettman is pursuing a job that basically already has a successor in place (according to the article, Kasten… I refuse to do actual research on baseball), then either Bettman’s ego is much bigger than I thought (impossible for something saturated to become more engorged), or, the more likely option, Bettman just plain wants out of the NHL but also isn’t ready to retire.

    I wonder if he is scared that the upcoming CBA could seal his working fate forever and make him unemployable (bad for us), or he is tired of being chided by the entire NHL fanbase (good on us).


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