I had no love for Kovalchuk. I was upset by the way his agent handled the negotiations. Jay Grossman will never have my respect. Greed. Deceit. A compromise of everything integrity. However, this is not good for the league. It’s not positive or forward motion. The Kings are my team and, as such, winning the Cup is all that matters to me. But it’s time for this post traumatic Kovalchuk syndrome to receive therapy and let the NHL move on. The Devils have become the league’s laughing-stock with Ilya as the court jester. I would prefer them irrelevant or not a distraction to the NHL’s goal of growing the game. Let’s hope we are still not talking about these issues in the new year. Regardless of how it happens, let’s hope our focus is the Kings’ success and the league’s promotion of its star players, teams and the parity which continues to make the Stanley Cup the most difficult prize in professional sports to obtain as well as its most coveted.