I had no love for Kovalchuk. I was upset by the way his agent handled the negotiations. Jay Grossman will never have my respect. Greed. Deceit. A compromise of everything integrity. However, this is not good for the league. It’s not positive or forward motion. The Kings are my team and, as such, winning the Cup is all that matters to me. But it’s time for this post traumatic Kovalchuk syndrome to receive therapy and let the NHL move on. The Devils have become the league’s laughing-stock with Ilya as the court jester. I would prefer them irrelevant or not a distraction to the NHL’s goal of growing the game. Let’s hope we are still not talking about these issues in the new year. Regardless of how it happens, let’s hope our focus is the Kings’ success and the league’s promotion of its star players, teams and the parity which continues to make the Stanley Cup the most difficult prize in professional sports to obtain as well as its most coveted.


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  1. I honestly don’t what to say.

    Lou must be getting ready to put a gun in his mouth…

    • I chatted with a pretty good hockey mind about this briefly. Wishing Ilya ill will is not necessary. It’s also bad karma. At this point, all I hope for is that he and the Cupcakes don’t become a constant distraction throughout the season to what is shaping up to be a damn good one.

  2. I have to say that I’m a bit relieved that we didn’t end up with Kovi for the price, and it has nothing to do with his current shooting slump. He’s still a dynamic offensive player. With two minutes left in the third period last night, Buffalo had an odd man rush that allowed them at least one or two good scoring chances. Instead of helping out on defense, Kovalchuk was camped out at the blue line waiting to cherry pick for a break away. He ended up getting the break away, but that type of mentality is just too reckless for my taste. It’s just not a good fit for what Terry Murray and the Kings are trying to do with the team in building a successful playoff team. The cherry picking mentality is what causes teams like New Jersey to give up more scoring chances and odd man rushes than teams that are solid and responsible in their own zone.

    I wish Kovalchuk and New Jersey no ill will or bad luck unless they suit up against the Kings again. In fact I do agree with your take Bobby, that this kind of highlight is no good for the league.

  3. Absolutely.

    The NHLs largest contract should not be a failure. Sure, it is funny, but (presumptions to follow) to the non-hockey observer, its just a pure embarrassment that speaks more to the NHL, its owners and its players than it does just to Kovalchuk or the Devils.

    As far as the rest of the sports world is concerned, Kovalchuk and the Devil’s are not the joke. The NHL is the joke. (/presumptions).

    I laughed when I saw this last night. However I also simultaneously hung my head in shame on behalf of hockey lovers everywhere.

  4. That’s just sad that he is not performing any better than that, and that people with no more knowledge about hockey than I have about cricket will look no further than the fact that he is the sport’s highest paid player and think that he is the skill level standard bearer. I’ve seen better puck handling skills displayed by kids playing between periods. We should consider ourselves fortunate that he signed with the Devils and not us. We have been fortunate to get class people to come to this organization in the last few years who play their hearts out and give their all to the fans. I was fortunate enough to be at Tip-A-King, and was so impressed with the enjoyment of being with the fans expressed by the players, especially Ryan Smyth and Willie Mitchell, who was in obvious discomfort from breaking his wrist the night before, it made me very glad to be a Kings fan. That’s the type of players that the team needs to mold the younger players coming up through the system, and I, for one, am damn grateful that we have them.

  5. Wow that was just brutal! And being at home makes it worse…Its going to be a long year for Jersey

    • Don’t wish him ill, but he gets no sympathy either. He can score a couple on Marty Brodeur for all I care. He got what he wanted. 100 million dollar contract. Greed also breeds bad karma. Seems like Kovalchuk is full of it.
      I do feel bad for the fans. They will have to put up with this crap for a decade or so.

      Parise———> LA Kings next year.


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