Here is Dallas’ perspective on the loss. The link at the end of each snippet transports you to the full article. Just say the words, “Beam me up, Bobby!” right before you click.

First thing’s first, though.

Jonathan Quick was outstanding in the net for the Kings. And we also got to see first hand why L.A. hasn’t surrendered any goals at home on the penalty kill.

Quick only allowed a great individual effort by Jamie Benn to beat him late in the first period after the young sniper beat Drew Doughty in a race to the puck before nimbly backhanding a shot through Quick’s five hole to tie the game at 1-1.

And then when the Stars found themselves with a 5-on-3 in the third period, Loui Eriksson missed an open half of the net after an outstanding setup by Brad Richards that had the Kings guessing all the way where he was going to go. If Loui doesn’t miss, it’s a 2-2 game and the Stars have a golden chance to get some points out of tonight’s game.

Instead, it’s a 3-1 loss thanks also to a beauty of a game winning goal by Justin Williams off the post and in past a screened Kari Lehtonen.

And while the officials can’t be blamed for the loss, I do have one question for Brad Meier and Dan O’Rourke after the jump.

Defending the Big D

LOS ANGELES – The Stars didn’t want to blame the officials for their 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Kings, but they weren’t above handing them a little of the credit.

“I liked the way we played. I thought we played with the passion we needed. I thought we carried the play for large amounts of the game, but we had a couple of things go against us that were out of our control,” Stars coach Marc Crawford said.

When asked how he felt about handing the Kings’ five third-period power plays and watching Los Angeles score twice with the man advantage to break a 1-1 tie, Crawford said: “You watch the tape, and all of them aren’t penalties. We already talked to them, and the league told us not to say anything, so we’ll shut up.”

Los Angeles went 2-for-8 on the power play, and Dallas went 0-for-5. Fourteen of the Kings’ 29 shots came when they had the man advantage. And while the Stars had to take blame for chasing the play at times and getting caught for two hooking penalties, they had a problem with some of the boarding and interference calls.

“It’s a guessing game every night,” Stars center Brad Richards said. “You can handle emotion, but when people are going after heads and some of it’s called and some of it’s not, that’s when you get a little confused. The hooking, that’s pretty basic, but some of the other stuff makes you wonder … if you lay on the ice, if you don’t lay on the ice, I guess there’s lots of ways to draw penalties now.”

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Here’s the game thread in chronological order.

Dustin Brown scored for Los Angeles as he flipped in a rebound after getting position in front of the net at 6:13.

Jamie Benn then tied it for Dallas when he made a strong play, stealing the puck from Drew Doughty and then slipping a backhand through the pads of Jonathan Quick at 17:04.

The most controversial part of the period came late when James Neal hit Jarret Stoll hard and Matt Greene then came after Neal in a fight. The Kings thought it was a dirty hit, but replays show a pretty much textbook shoulder to shoulder hit.

Stoll has a history of concussion problems, so that could have added to the tension for the Kings.

It will be interesting to see how both teams respond in the second period. The Stars have 1:10 left in power play time.

Both teams had solid scoring chances in the second period, but neither could score. The Kings appeared to score with 2:07 left, but Stoll had a goal disallowed because Justin Williams had backed into Kari Lehtonen before the puck arrived.

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6 replies

  1. Gotta love how the opposing views always want to blame the officiating when they lose, but when they win it is all puppies and sunshine.

    You lost, get over it, get on with the season. There are still 68 more games to be played. If it was shoddy officiating take it up with them and leave your drama at the gates.

    When a game gets physical, things will get called and whether you like it or not, just deal. Don’t go crying to mommy about how the zebras trampled on your dream of a victory.

  2. CHARACTER ! ! ! If the Dallas Stars are wondering Whyyyyyyyy they have a locker romm full of Whiiiiiiiners , look to their coach, and capt. Listening to the post game interviews of both Crawfish and Richards, this is the reason so many players are not pursued by the Kings, and a great reminder as to whyyyyyy, Crawfish is no coach of ours!!!!!!!! Please Deano, as great as Richards is, and if we are looking for improvement next season, please, please keep that big baby out of our locker room.

    Burish!!!!!!!! sorry you play for the Stars, did not appreciate Doughty’s head meeting the Parking Spot sign on the boards either, but I have always seen you as a Character guy, and your interview confirms it. You seem like the Square Peg in that locker room, can’t wait to play you again!!!!! Oh, and keep your head up, fun hockey game or not, you know a response is coming, and not from Coronel Campbell.

    OHHH, and good job Crawfish, you sort of threw Ericsson under the bus with all your whiiiiing, even your players can admit, LA is a good hockey team!!!!!! LA playing well right now, is not going to cut it putz, better get on the same page as your team, it takes more than crying to the media and blaming the calls to coach in this league. Burish said it best ” That’s one of the best teams in the league, you can sence it” Thanks for the shout out to the crowd also, ” you can feel the energy in the building” , sounds to me like a future ” Right Fit ” Lombardi, take notice……..

  3. JUST BECAUSE………… I saw an interesting interaction a few times last night between Davis Drewiske and Adam Burish, Seemed to me during faceoffs, and after whistles they were chumming it up a bit???!!!!! 05′ /06′ Wisconsin Badgers National Championship NCAA Team.
    We know Deano likes those Badgers……………

  4. If anybody should bitch about the officiating it’s the Kings. Goal disallowed? A couple bogus calls against us too. The refs were just power hungry last night and calling bad penalties equally. The Stars suck and they got punked, end of story.

  5. The refs lost control of the game in the 2nd period and overcompensated in the third. It affected both teams. The Kings cashed in on their chances, the Stars didn’t. Jonathan Quick rules, Kari Lehtonen sucks.

    End of story.

  6. Well, to be fair, Brown did look like he took a dive on that hit, but Stars fans are idiots if they think DD would throw his head into the boards right after a concussion. I’m beginning to wonder if a couple of Ducks fans masqueraded as Stars fans for a night, because those are a bunch of whiners typical of Anaheim.


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