I enjoyed applauding my good friend and guest writer on this site, Howard Roark, as he stood to be recognized on Veteran’s Day.

Give Kari (a girl’s name) Lehtonen a white cane or a seeing eye dog. That’s the only hope he had tonight of finding the puck. Kings’ goals came from Brown, Williams and Johnson.

Brownie’s goal followed a nice hustle by Parse to get it to Kopitar who took it from behind the net to the left circle and, after a peek, fed a delicious cross ice pass to Dustin Brown. Dustin (who was firing at the net all night) roofed it. Lehtonen (uncomfortable all game) never saw the feed.

Williams’ goal came on a wrist shot from the left circle. Tough to stop the puck when you have a front and center view of Ryan Smyth’s back, eh Kari?

Oh hell, I just realized why his name has annoyed me all night…and the lyrics are not too far off.

This is the problem with sometimes listening to the 80’s station on XM radio. I should just stick to Classic Vinyl or the NHL Network.

Johnson sealed the game with a seeing eye shot from the point that found its way through multiple bodies in front of or around Carrrrrrie…I don’t care that his name starts with a K. When you suck, your name is subject to disparagement at our discretion. Speaking of suck, I may have some plans for tonight’s referees Brad Meier and Dan O’Rourke in a separate article. They may just get the Dean Morton google treatment. How many calls did they miss or conjure tonight? 5? 6? That’s just in the second period. My personal aggravating favorite was the missed hook and high stick against Smyth followed by the completely phantom interference call against Williams to disallow a goal, both on the same shift and play. As Billy the Kid said, or at least Emilio Estevez playing Billy the Kid said, “I’ll make you famous.”

What was Brandon Segal thinking? Stick your face in a lion’s cage and you may not have one left. Kyle Clifford is not someone you pick a fight with unless you know what the hell you are doing. Get a clue Segal. You set back the tribe’s cause by at least 10 years tonight. Did you know that Kyle Clifford’s nickname in Juniors was “The Colonel”? His middle initial is F. Oh, and, psst…come here…in case you forgot, this was Kyle’s 10th game. He’s staying.

Brad Richardson fit nicely on the third line. Michal Handzus damn near had two goals. Wayne Simmonds needs to shoot more. I still love him though. He does a lot of little things so well on both ends of the ice that you don’t appreciate if you don’t pay attention to the details.

Doughty was awful for most of the night. I don’t write that too often and I don’t want to write it again for a very long time. Come on Drew. It starts and ends with hard work. You came into camp in crappy shape. We’re winning. It’s time to whip your ass into gear and get your head into the game.

Steve Ott isn’t a hockey player. He’s a limp biscuit impersonating a real one. He’s trailer trash on skates. The moron can’t even skate into the penalty box properly. He ran into the glass beside it tonight.

Was Burish’s five-minute major technically a slew foot? Howard thought so. I am still not sure because every replay they showed was too high to tell. They called boarding. I was just happy Drew was ok.

I found it interesting that Ponikarovsky was not announced as being on IR, but rather a scratch. I am looking into what that may be.

Mad props to Matt Greene. A necessary instigator and fight. The Kings sent Dallas and the league a message tonight. The beating doesn’t end with the scoreboard.

Jonathan Quick is a hockey goalie god.

The team’s silver hockey stick to Ryan Smyth was awesome. Ryan Smyth is far more awesome.

We have won seven in a row at home. On Saturday, we will win number eight and set a new Kings’ record for consecutive home wins to start the season.

Hope all the veterans enjoyed their well deserved commemorated day. Surly and I have nothing but love for you.


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  1. Man Clifford is a beast! This was my first fight I got to see him in. I’m really happy the way he’s come along. Ivanans who (:P)?

  2. Clifford’s smirk reminds me of long ago King’s enforcer Dave Hutchinson (about ’74, ,75) who would always get this frightening grin (no mouthguards then, just missing teeth) on his face right before he dropped his stick (or slashed you with his stick) and punched you in the face. Ah, the good old days…..


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