I know the Kings are making an effort to go green this year.  I am all for helping the environment.  It’s been pretty good to me so far.

As anyone who has been to a game at Staples has certainly noticed, one of the casualties of this altruistic effort is that the Kings no longer hand out roster cards upon entry to the games.  While I do pride myself on knowing as much as I can about other teams, their players names and numbers, I can’t keep track of every schmuck who gets called up because the other schmuck hurt his pinky toe in practice.  I also need to know who I’m yelling at and be able to contrive epithets appropriate to said opponent schmuck’s name.  You know, for posterity.

So I must express some severe disappointment in the lack of a roster card being handed out before games.

At the same time, I like the earth I walk on and unfortunately, its one of the few things that takes precedence to hockey.  Only by a little.

So let’s compromise.  Here are my suggestions in the hopes someone from the Kings is reading and that the rest of you loyal readers and game attendees our there will take up this banner by my side.

1.) The roster cards do not have to be large.

  • Last season’s cards were thick.
  • They sported quality printing of photos of Kings’ players.
  • There was information about said King player on the back as well.
  • This is all unnecessary.

2.) I’m all for the green initiative.

  • So stop handing out these stupid coupons for crap no one wants.
  • Every usher has a stack of these things.  90% of them go in the trash.
  • They are tiny and thin.
  • So…

3.) Two sensible options present themselves.

  • Either get rid of the coupons and go totally green.  Don’t half ass something so important.
  • Or, better yet, make a fair trade and swap out the coupons with roster cards.

4.) The new roster card concept.

  • Small, size of an index card or photo.  4″x6″
  • Thin is fine.  I don’t need to be able to use it as a coaster.
  • No photos.  Just give me information.
  • Black and white.  Simple.

The Kings’ Staple Center experience has continually improved since Robitaille took over the business department.  There have been missteps and corrections.  I see them trying.  Laser shows, looks great, wrong venue for it, but whatever, love the effort.  Lemon Head commercial break retardation?  Try again.

While we are at it, put a countdown clock during intermissions in the corner of the thousand TVs littered across Staples.  Those waiting in obscene lines will appreciate it.  They actually used to do this, then stopped.  Do it again.

Or, just give me back my damn roster cards.