What is so special about John Tavares?

Every game I watch him play is the same.  Admittedly I haven’t seen a massive amount of his games, but I’ve watched several. He is strong on the boards, gets in front of the net and has a good shot. A bit of a floater.  He is by no means a bad player. In fact I think he’s a good player,  bordering on very good.

However if I were an Islander fan I would be wondering what my team would look like with Matt Duchene.

Am I missing something?

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  1. The reason eveyone is putting this kid on a pedastal was that he was the #1 pick in the draft last year. They were expecting monstrous things from him and if put on the right team he could be the next Wayne or Mario. Unfortunately he went to a tragically underperforming team and is just getting lost in the monkey flotsam that is permeating that team.

    • “This roster is shorthanded by injuries and a lack of talent.” -Chris Botta

      from islanderspointblank.com

    • I don’t even understand why anyone would look at the games he and Duchene play and not pick Duchene last year #1 every time.

      Sure, on a better team he would look better, but the essence of his game and talent level wouldn’t change. He was billed as a dominant player and I only see a good player, not one that can take over a game, regardless of his teammates.

      • Excellent point. But a great player is only as good as the players around him. The Islanders have shoddy scouting and even worse sense when it comes to picking them.

        Duchene excelled last year cause he had a great core of players around him to improve his game and a monster of a goaltender to take them to at least the first round of the playoffs.

        Tavares had none of that last year, so all the limelight went to the high draft pick who did.

        • Yeah this is all true. In terms of getting the spotlight, Colorado’s team as a whole definitely puts Duchene in it much more often than the Isles do for Tavares.

          I’m trying to purely look at the type of game they play and how effective it is on a consistent basis. We do get to see Duchene more often by nature of being in the West, but in all those games I’ve seen him play, he takes control of at least one shift. I have yet to see Tavares take control of a single shift in any game I’ve seen him play.

          Who knows, maybe Tavares turns into Robitaille. Not a guy who dominates the play but is so deadly, is undoubtedly a superstar. However I think it is more likely that Tavares is a Smyth type of guy with a better shot. A damn good player and I hope he has a long and storied career, but like Smyth, I don’t ever see him reaching that upper echelon of individual stardom that I feel Duchene is on a steady course to achieving.

          The Isles may have poor scouting in general, but they certainly weren’t the only ones marking Tavares ahead of Duchene. Then again, in the long run, its not fair to compare the two just because they were drafted next to each other.

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  3. I don’t see Tavares ever becoming a dominant player, unless the Isles bring in better support players around him. Surly probably has the closest evaluation in that he turns into that Robitaille or Smyth type guy that can get you a key goal here or there, and that you can’t ever overlook, but I don’t think he’s ever going to be dominant.


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