Kasey is just too cool.  She cares about you so much, that she went to yet another practice yesterday to bring you the Kings at work through her eyes.

Click here for the full gallery.

Here are my favorites:

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There are about 125 more shots in the gallery.  This is a really nice batch.  Many of the shots capture not only the intensity of the practice, but also how much fun the team has together.  So check it out, once again, by clicking here.

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  1. Always very cool to see what’s going on in the practices. I thank Kasey for sharing these with us, and as always compliments on her excellent work!

  2. This is a request (if it’s possible). I really enjoy reading the feature you did on Muzzin & the interview with his mother. Do you think you can do one on Clifford and Schenn for us?

    • The feature “In Focus?”

      You know… Scribe and I are debating doing any more of them. We were planning on doing Doughty next, but I’m kind of superstitious with hockey, and the day after the one about Muzzin, he got sent to Manchester. Then, the day after our next one (on Ponikarovsky), he broke his finger. We don’t want to hurt anymore players! Also, it would be hard for us to do an In Focus on Schenn if he’s always a healthy scratch! :)

      Then again, if you were just talking about the interview with Judy Muzzin, and wanted us to interview Schenn and Clifford’s mothers, then all I can say is, we will try.

  3. You guys are making me wish I never left L.A.

    • If you can get another interview with one of the mothers that’ll be great-it’s interesting to get the insight from them.



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