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Last week, Brough wrote a post about the fast-starting Los Angeles Kings — 8-3 at the time, first in the Western Conference — and wondered at what point they’d have us panicking and freaking out. (Not unlike this guy.)

Okay, Brough actually said “worry” as opposed to “panic” or “freak out”, but still — the point was clear. Los Angeles is a young, deep and talented squad that has good goaltending, solid production from its second and third lines and a versatile, well-rounded defence. Definitely a concern for the Canucks and the rest of the NHL. [From last week]:

The second line’s been so good together that Kings coach Terry Murray is loathe to break it up. Justin Williams leads the team with 11 points, followed by Jarret Stoll with 10. All told, the Kings’ second line is plus-16. So basically you’ve got two lines that can score, a third line that’s hard to play against and a fourth line that’s a work in progress…

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  1. If he thinks that we are worried about the potential of having to face a road trip without Mitchell or Ponikarovsky I think he answered it here…

    We have the people to fill in the gaps, and while no one is going to argue that the Islanders were the best test of that, the team has proven that they are all still on the same page, and the system will win out more nights than not. The rest of the league should look at last night’s game and realize that there is nothing wrong with the Kings just because a couple of people, however key they may be, went down.

  2. OK, I totally screwed that up by playing around with the stuff at the bottom of the page. What I meant to put into quotes was this …Now, this all might be much ado about nothing. Then the lovely block quote that I created would make some sense. Not much, but some.

    Living and learning


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