I considered doing my (semi-) regular intermission reports, but instead I decided to do this.  These are unedited thoughts as I watch the game.  Call it a written play by play of sorts, or if you prefer, the ramblings of a hockey loving narcissist.


Lots of jump off the opening puck drop.  First three shifts all Kings.  Williams looking lightning fast but passed up a prime shot opportunity in the slot in the first minute.

This speed can’t keep up for much more than a period before one of the coaches will try to slow it down.  Even the 4th line’s first shift was all offensive zone time.

Doughty nails McGinn with a hip check 4 minutes in but McGinn is such a tough customer it barely phased him.  Still, love that Drew is truly turning into a nasty player.  Jack learned how to play confident in the Olympics.  Doughty apparently learned something in the Olympics too… from Pronger.

Williams with an incredible backcheck at 14:14, so much hustle, even if the fans wanted a penalty.

Bernier looking sharp against his first few shots.

I hate to say it, I truly do, but the Laker’s girls are better looking than our Ice Girls.  Though the Lakers do have an easier time… their girls don’t need to know how to skate or lift large shovels.   Skill is sexy.  Game on.

Bernier does a good job finding a shot through traffic with about 13:30 to play.  Good swagger going.

First powerplay of the game goes to the Kings.  Slow start but Smyth creates havoc in the last 45 seconds.  Niittymaki very strong on the post.

I think Johnson has my favorite skating stride on the team.  Not the best necessarily, but the coolest looking.

Great chance with Brown and Handzus at end of powerplay.  Just not enough wood on shot by Zus or rebound by Brown.  Credit Sharks defense for that.

I can’t wait to buy a new TV… my old tuber makes me sympathize who those you think hockey sucks on TV.  Of course hockey is still awesome on TV, just not on my TV.

Parse is a frustrating player.  He’s committed to playing with high energy, but not always committed to battle for the puck like his life depended on it.  I don’t think its lack of heart.  I think its ADHD.

First goal prediction: Handzus

Why is Drew Doughty growing a mustache?  I wonder if bothers Canadians that he chooses to look like a Mexican.  Border betrayal.

1-0 Kings.  I should have predicted Parse.  I almost did.  Instead I said he has ADHD and he scores the first goal with spastic play.  Brown shoots a backhand off a strong single effort rush up the left side, the rebound bounces in front, Parse spins and goes for the puck… misses, and then Marleau tips the puck off Parse’s left skate which directs it into the net.  There’s Bernier’s lead to work with.

Clowe ties it almost immediately after Parse scores.  Pretty play.  Pavelski makes a slick play/pass to Clowe out front, no chance for Jonathan.  Perfect shot on a very fast play and Clowe was not checked in any way.

Setoguchi snaps his cold streak a minute later.  That’s another goal because a player was alone in front of the net without a King player on him.  There goes Bernier’s lead to work with.

Terry Murray will shut this game down in the second.

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  1. FYI, Dewey is part Portuguese….so he can’t REALLY be looking all that Mexican. But the ‘stache is interesting. Guessing he lost a bet on the golf course.

    • I got Puerto Ricans in my building!

      Yes I know Portuguese and Puerto Rico are different, but a free beer on me goes to first person who can name that reference.

      Maybe the ‘stache is making Drew out of shape. Weighing him down….


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