I’m surprised the Kings are still looking to make the quick plays.

Even with two icing calls 3 minutes in, the Kings have all the puck time.

LOL, oh man.  Clifford makes a strong play at his blueline.  Lewis makes a better play at the offensive blueline.  2 on 1 with Westgarth.  Westy has no clue how to space himself so Lewis tries to cut in… a great rush without a shot on goal.  Still, good play for the 4th line.  Sooner or later though, they will need to score a dang goal.

Kings have a lot of speed and are passing fairly well, but they aren’t outnumbering the Sharks in the offensive zone.

With Scuderi’s ridiculous hand-eye coordination, I can’t help but muse at the thought of him in front of the net on the powerplay.

4th line + 3 d pairing against Marleau-Thornton-Heatley = terrifying.

I don’t think Kopitar has had the puck in the offensive zone inside the face-off dots.  That needs to change.

Balls.  3-1.  Kings got caught chasing Mayers through the high slot.  Another shot gets stopped in front of Bernier, this time by Nichol.  He spins and shoots around a screen and scores to the left of Bernier’s left pad.  Bernier didn’t see it.

I maintain that even though the Kings had good pressure in the first 10 minutes of the period, they need to get away from playing this speed game.  The Kings are a fast team but they thrive on playing a suffocating game.  They are playing the Shark’s game.

Doughty almost got burned by his own move.

Kings going on a powerplay.  Dan ass face Boyle going to the box.  What a dick, slashing Brown.  What a dick, Richardson taking a slash.  4 on 4, no powerplay.

Kings may be getting the center lane drive off the rush, but they are not getting to the middle during cycles but…

SMYTH SCORES!  haha, but the play continues.  That puck was so in.

OK, what the hell is going on?  Setoguchi might have scored during this play that the teams will have to do over anyways when they blow the whistle and Toronto calls these reds to tell them they’re assholes.  Shit, Mitchell scores on a breakaway… but the clock is going back anyways.  How strange.  Someone is getting a goal, that much is sure.

Can’t see from that look?  You can see the Shark defenseman pull the puck out of the net.

Should be a bonus minute and a half of hockey for us.  That isn’t conclusive?  YOU CAN SEE THE PUCK COME OUT OF THE NET!

This is ridiculous that its taking so long.  Its obvious from one angle.

Even though it won’t count, I don’t like that Bernier got beat 5 hole by that shot by Mitchell.

Looking forward to San Jose fans reaction.  Aaaah… there it is.

Smyth rules, party time, excellent.  He’s been beating down Niittymaki’s pads all night, it was bound to happen.

…. my feed keeps cutting out.  Not OK.

We are so winning this game.

Doughty’s positioning on shift after the Smyth goal was weird.  His positioning was spastic.

Vlasic… as if they won’t find out.  Just slam your stick on the ground, don’t waltz around like you didn’t just pull the puck out of your own net.

Good play, a pinch, by Harrold at 4:25 to keep the play alive.  Powerplay coming up for Kings.

Jeez our breakouts suck on the powerplay.  Put the puck on net!  A whole minute before a shot is even attempted.

Parse is so frustrating.  So many tools, such a small box.  That sounds wrong.

Hey!  Sharks fans stole our “Hey ___ fans, YOU SUCK!” chant.  Unless those are King fans being loud at HP Pavilion.  If that’s the case I have many hands to shake.

Come on, one strong rush to end the period…

Not happening.

Kings dominated most of the period even though they still trail.  I repeat, we are so winning this game.


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