Scott Parse is out for 3-4 months. He will have surgery to repair his hip labrum. I assume it’s a tear. Otherwise, I am not sure what the point of surgery may be. For those unfamiliar with this condition, it’s very common among hockey players. The labrum is a ridge of cartilage that essentially holds your hip joints together. My guess is that Parse has suffered from this condition for months and possibly well over a season and has been treating it with pain relievers and physical therapy. I also believe that the labrum tear is directly related to his groin injury. We wish Parse a speedy recovery.

Brad Richardson is moving up to the first line…I am pretty sure Surly owes me $10.00 for, if nothing else, partially dismissing my claim that Brad would get first line duties for the next game. I will let him buy me a beer instead. Richardson is a step up from Parse. Though it is unfair to compare the two at this point, especially since Parse was playing injured, I feel much more confident in Brad’s defensive acumen and offensive vision. He is far less likely to skate himself into a corner and more willing to find the lane and, here is a novel concept, shoot!

Brayden Schenn may be heading to Manchester for a 14 day conditioning stint. The Kings aren’t ready to make a decision on him yet, don’t want to send him to Juniors but also don’t want to see him sitting in a shirt and tie and watching the game. Makes perfect sense, if they can pull it off. The team is in discussions with the league, per Hammond, to ensure Schenn does not lose his junior eligibility. Does anyone else wonder if any of this would be happening if it wasn’t for Brayden’s contract that causes up to a $3 million dollar + cap hit if he stays with the Kings?

Dwight King is taking third line duties…for now. I had to search through my notes from the rookie camp to see what I wrote about him. Ready? “Big. Good skater for his size. Made some nice passes. A defensive forward. Won’t make the team.” There you have it. Who would have “thunk” it, eh boys? It will be interesting to see if this lasts. Why is it that I see Clifford getting the promotion to the third line at some point? Because I’m crazy, that’s why.


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  1. I am starting to get a bit uneasy about this Schenn situation.I think the Kings management needs to shit or get off the pot. He can’t be kept around like a wild card waiting for someone to get injured. Is this idea to send him down for “conditioning” just more procrastination?

  2. I kind of get the idea that the organization has a bunch of “good” young players trying to find the ones that will be “excellent”, and I concede that takes time.

    Now that I think about it, that loss last night could be one of the best things that happens to the team all season. Many of the young players could learn from this.


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