Can you say bounce back game?

I’ll do you one better and believe it.

The Los Angeles Kings look to recover from a rather brutal loss to the San Jose Sharks and regain their confidence.  If they don’t, tonight could see them slip into their first losing streak of the season.

Screw all that noise.  As Bobby poetically put it to me late Monday night, the Columbus Blue Jackets will be that girl whom one sleeps with in an angrily usury manner in order to alleviate the frustrations caused by the last girl who left you standing in the shower with the faucet turned all the way to ‘limp’.

Ohio sends their hockey contingency to Staples tonight as the Columbus Blue Jackets look to lick their wounds as well.  The Blue Jackets have not played since Friday (a 4 day break), when they got spanked by the Colorado Avalanche.

So tonight is the battle of the bitter.  War or the wounded.  The grand embarrassed extravaganza.

One will be reborn, the other will have try, try, try again.

Jonathan Quick acrobatically slides back into net for the Kings.  And speaking of Kings, the singular form will be making his NHL debut tonight.  That would King, Dwight.  When you see a #74 to Michal Handzus’ left, Dwight King will catch your gaze.  He will be hard to miss, for Dwight King is a large, large man.   Listed at 6’3″, 227lbs, during training camp I was impressed with King’s tenacity and play along boards and strength in front of the net.  His skating isn’t the best, but defenseman in this league will quickly learn to tense up when they know the King of Kings is barreling towards them in the corner.

Appropriately paid Rick Nash and overpaid Mike Commodore return to the Jackets’ lineup tonight.  For more relevant information on the Blue Jackets, check out Aaron Portzline’s blog at the Dispatch.

As a bonus, because I’m an incredibly generous person and because I have bitched and will continue to bitch about the lack of roster cards at home games, here is a pdf file I generated with the Blue Jackets Roster.

Keys to the game:

  • Don’t play the way you did against the Sharks.  Otherwise known as “Keep it simple, stupid.” “Don’t be stupid” and “Hey idiot, do better.”
  • This Kings’ team knows what it needs to do, it doesn’t need to be told, so that should suffice.

Always and forever,


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