We played at the Fabulous Forum

Russian hockey players didn’t smile

Canada had a bunch of NHL teams

Gretzky became a King, Gretzky became a Blue, Gretzky became a Ranger

Roman Vopat played the role of a top six forward

Our team was bought out of bankruptcy

Our captain was traded

Adam Deadmarsh became the team’s heart and soul

Andy Murray was our coach…which drove me mad

Marc Crawford was our coach…which drove me insane

The Kings were going nowhere

Dave Taylor was fired

The rebuilding began

We drafted high

The media started to talk about our bright future

We made the playoffs, lost and learned…

I remember when losing two games in a row didn’t worry our fan base and winning two consecutive sent us into glee.

We have come a long way as a team and fans. An expectation to win. The talent and heart to expect nothing less.


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  1. We’ll see. Not sure where the team’s head is at right now. Hopefully they can get it together…

  2. I’d like to blame last nights loss on the slight changes with the lineups. I forgot what it felt like to lose after the San Jose game and after Columbus I’m really lost. Hopefully I’m right and the kings get comfortable over the plane ride to Buffalo.

  3. I remember when surly Jacob was JDM


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