One word.  Defense.

Two words.  Goals Against.

Three words.  Play better defense.

I could add a fourth, but then I’d have to start cursing and it’s just to early for that kind of noise. So, with defense in mind, are any more words really necessary?

Well, maybe, offense.  But only because Ryan Miller is tending net for the enemy.  Not only is Miller one of the best goalies around, he also has clearly been eating his Wheaties.  Or should I say, Kick-Save Crunch.

Here’s two more words.  Crazy Glue.

Its what is needed on Dustin Brown’s stick.

Three more.  Back to basics.

For Matt Greene’s ring around the rosy style of play the last two games.

OK, here’s one.  Hilarious.

Otherwise known as Terry Murray’s line changes.  If you’ve managed to already pop over to LA Kings Insider, then you know that the mad hatter’s new plan is to put second NHL game veteran Dwight King on the Anze Kopitar line.  Apparently, Brad Richardson will bump back down to play with Handzus.

We can look at this move two ways.

One is to say that King didn’t cut it on the third line. Murray needs Richardson’s hustle and defense next to Handzus to get the best bang for his checking line buck.

The other is to say that Murray somehow thinks the infusion of 21-year-old blood will get the first line going again.  Or maybe Terry just feels that since everyone else has played on the first line this year, why not the new guy?  I mean, what the hell, its only fair.

Part of me is actually kind of excited to see this latest scheme.  In his first game King played well and was often seen trying (mostly unsuccessfully, but trying nonetheless) to find the soft spots in the slot.  Whereas Handzus and Simmonds could never get passes to those spots from the corners or behind the net, if one man can, its Kopitar.

Still… this move screams one more word.


The Kings don’t want Schenn or Loktionov playing wing, they want them to remain natural and effective centers.  Brandon Kozun must play a few more months of AHL hockey without getting turned into a butternut squash before he will be trusted to play against the biggest and the meanest.  Oscar Moller is having problems scoring with the Monarchs.  David Meckler and Bud Holloway are guys who, despite being great AHL players and solid workers, will probably not see the light at the end of many NHL tunnels.  Scott Parse may as well be written off for the season once we consider the return to game shape grace period after his healing from hip surgery is complete.  Can we wait for Ponikarovsky?  And then what?  Richardson the first line winger again?  If Dwight King can bump Richardson down… yeesh.  Murray either needs his chalkboard circumcised or he needs another player to throw into the mix.

Also, Peter Harrold is expected to take Jake Muzzin’s spot on the blueline.  As if that was the problem…

You know what?  Screw all those words.  Here’s one for ya,


Two games lost is a hiccup.  A misstep.  A naturally occuring malady.

Three games dropped is a trend.

Do I care that Buffalo is 4-1-1 in their last six games?  Not particularly.

Do I care that Derek Roy is on a hot streak?  Only if I’m supposed to start caring about every midget out there, which I just don’t have time to do.  It would be prejudiced of me to give Roy extra credit without giving the Munchkin’s from Wizard of Oz a fair shake, something I’m not about to do as then Oompa Loompa’s come into the mix and I may as well just give Tyler Ennis a big hug if I’m going to throw a smile an Oompa Loompa’s way.  Besides, I spent my midget love quotient for the year on Aaron from Eastbound & Down.  Roy and Ennis can have a Drew Doughty hip check, on me.

So what have we learned?

Defense, crazy glue, hilarious, win, midget.

Sounds about right.

Always and forever,


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8 replies

  1. That midget you speak of , Roy, is the guy I want to be a King. He is tenacious, works his ass off and, has that ever elusive finishing skill we need…..only problem, and it’s a big one, he’s a center. Screw it, I’d move him to wing. It would be swell to watch Roy-Kopitar-Brown. Aw, yes, the fantasy armchair GM at it again.

  2. No one is ever going to accuse Terry Murray of being hesitant to change things. I’m hoping that putting King out there with Brown and Kopitar creates just enough confusion for Ryan Miller that they can get going a little bit. I’m more worried tonight about how Ersberg does with the Sabres. He just doesn’t seem to be adapting to the role of #2 as well as we had hoped, and he’s not showing the skills to be #1, yet he is constantly facing teams that you would think that Murray would have had Quick penciled in for when the schedule was published.

  3. All lines are looking solid…..good start.

    • Good to hear. Unfortunately I won’t get home from work until the game is already over in real time, so updates and such from myself (and Scribe too) will be a bit delayed.


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