Optimism can be a hard thing to come by during a three game losing streak.

To instill optimism, I ask you to look at this game against the Boston Bruins not as a game in which the Kings are on the end of a back-to-back on the road, facing one of the leagues best and hottest teams.  Rather, look to this as a case of rising to meet a challenge.

Do not discount the effect of adversity.  It brings out the best in a group of tightly knit players.  Tonight we will see kinship.

The Kings have unwittingly dug themselves a shallow hole from which they now gaze outward, wondering how they got there in the first place.  Must you plod around in your grave, waiting for someone to save you?  Is the trip to even ground a slow, methodical climb?  Is the ground simply falling away beneath your feet?

Or can all be rectified with a superman-like leap?

Adversity has struck my friends.  The ugly head of overconfidence has transgressed to lack thereof but salvation lay just a game away.  Let today be that game.

The Boston Bruins may be a hot team.  Tim Thomas may be playing the best hockey of his career.  There are no reasons, logical or otherwise to believe the Kings will drop their fourth game tonight.  Fear is a powerful force but I say to you the fear is in your heads alone, not the Kings’ locker room.

I would be more worried if the Kings were playing a lesser team.

A challenge is what this team needs.  We may have fallen victim to believing the Kings have already completed their course in learning to win but this game is more truly a midterm in that class begun last season.

Adrenaline sets in, the mind calms the body and energizes the soul.  Fear quickly becomes resolve.  One win and the tides turn.

This ebbed wave is ready to flow.

Always and foreever,


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  1. It might help our cause if we stop passing to the other team in our own zone…..stop it.


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