You are scaring Justin Williams off of the first powerplay unit.

The Bruins had some serious fire to start the second period.  The Kings still managed to turn the game against the home team when Justin Williams and Jarret Stoll combined to give the Kings a 3-0 lead off a gorgeous passing play.  Williams down the right, drop passes to Stoll just inside the blueline.  With Smyth drawing attention on the left, Stoll passed back to Williams, cut to the middle and received a marvelous return feed from Williams directly in the nipple of the slot.

Things didn’t go so well after that.

The Bruins turned their game on and almost immediately after the Kings goal were reward when Matt Greene intercepted a pass on a 3-on-2 breakout for the Bruins.  Greene tosses the puck to the corner where it landed on Blake Wheeler’s stick.  Wheeler put a weak shot on net from the goal line that managed to just trickle through Quick’s pads.  Bad goal?  I’m not sure… I bet Bobby has a strong opinion about it.

He probably has plenty to say about the second Bruin goal as well.  Shot from the point with no traffic bounces off Quick’s glove and onto Gregory Campbell’s stick.  One quick move to the left and the puck is burried.  This all came after Zdeno Chara decided he was sick and tired of this losing bullshit and took over the game.

He tried to give it back to the Kings but the awful powerplay reared its ugly head not once, not twice but thrice!

Mad, mad, mad, mad world…

Kings go into the third with a 3-2 lead and their right to carry around a pair of testicles on the line.

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  1. Kings win. Johnny Quick–saved their assess. That guy should carry his balls in a wheelbarrow…


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