The Trevor Lewis coming out party.

Two assists for our boy, his first of the season, his fourth and fifth points in his career.  On the first, he and rather shockingly, Westgarth (for his first career point), won a puck battle near the middle of the benches and broke out Brad Richardson who blazed down the left wing and put a purty shot against the grain over Thomas’ left shoulder.

On the Kings second goal, Lewis heroically fought his way through one, two, three Bruins, passed to Drewiske at the point.  Whiskey took a shot with Brown in front of the net fighting with a Bruin, the rebound/block bounced to Zus who was circling the high slot.  Shoot, screen, bang bang, 2-0.

Makes me wonder, if Murray can change lines constantly (I actually like his lines for tonight, been waiting for him to try Clifford with Zus), I wonder if that second goal was no fluke but rather confluence of three complimentary players.



Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

I’ll think about what that would do to the rest of the lineup in the post game later.

Feisty play, tight but very fast.  A damn enjoyable hockey game as well as an amusing one.  2 or 3 goofy falls by players made you either laugh or swallow your tongue, as I did when Quick went behind the net and took a little spill.  In general, nothing good ever comes from Quick leaving his crease.  Otherwise, Johnny is on his game.

The Bruins were not without chances, but the Kings dictated the ice despite how clear it is that the Bruins are a very strong and talented team.


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  1. 22, outstanding first period.

    15, you deserve that reward for all that hard work you bring nightly.

    32, that a boy, well done.

    11, most underwhelming star I’ve seen in a while.

    • The hustle and effort of our 1st line for some reason surprises me every game. I keep waiting for them to slowdown…..it hasn’t happened yet. Get job boys.


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