It’s not just the goal, but both the reaction and laughter from the Oilers’ bench & Pink, himself. Check out the “choke” sign from Taylor Hall 18 seconds into the video and the smile on Jacques’ (number 22) face at the end.

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  1. You couple that with referee Stephen Walkom (Colin Campbell’s e-mail buddy) calling the Oilers for delay of game on a puck that was shot through the photographer’s hole in the glass, and there’s just nothing good happening at Honda Center.

  2. The Ducks’ announcers really get on my nerves. They sound like homers and it gets boring after a while. If their team is playing shitty, they should say so.

  3. LOL. The funny thing is I’ve only seen this personally one other time and it was also the Ducks! I believe it was Paul Kariya doing the same exact thing.

  4. Seriously. Could Perry be more of a self destructive idiot? I don’t even fault him for this goal against himself….that can happen. I get that. Who would ever think that putting the puck up the middle from directly behind the net with a pulled goalie would find its way to the other end of the ice? That being said…this kind of crap happens to him all the time. He’s such a complete tool…that its just karma I suppose. This kid seriously is as dumb as dirt.

    And he’ll always be the title holder of the WORST taunting in hockey history. He intimidates NO ONE!


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