The even headed Silver Seven Sens:

Feelin’ bad for: Kings fans
To be honest, the Senators could have lost 4-3 tonight if a couple of calls went the Kings’ way. There were two Kings goals that ended up disallowed: the first was called off because the net had been helped off its moorings by Matt Carkner, while the second was a Ryan Smyth tip-in with 3 seconds left in the game that was ruled a high-stick on the ice, and no camera angle could conclusively prove otherwise. If I was a Kings fan, I’d be pretty irate tonight.

The grateful 6th Sens:

Pascal Leclaire bailed them out and they capitalized on their opportunities. It hasn’t been too often when we could look back at a game this season and say that the Senators got the bounces but last night was one of those games. From Kovalev’s broken stick goal to an early third period LA shot that rang off the crossbar to Jason Williams completely fanning on a shot late in the third to the disallowed goal, Ottawa was fortunate to escape with two points against one of the better teams in the Western Conference. Hell, the team even managed to overcome a Kopitar goal that was a direct result of an egregious Spezza turnover.

ProSportsBlogging via Yardbarker:

For the LA Kings, the bounces were not on their side, as they racked up a lot of good chances that hit the post. It was a game of hard knocks for LA, but the admirable thing about their game is that they never let the 2 disallowed goals deflate them. They just kept coming back and looking to get back in the game, and that’s probably the reason why they’ve been declared the dark horse of the NHL to watch this year by the Hockey News. They’re a young, quick, gritty, solid team and they are a Stanley Cup winning team in the making. A team that doesn’t give up, not even in the dying seconds of the game, is a solid team.

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