So, here is my take of this madness…

Ever take 2/3 of a great beer and add 1/3 warm piss? I haven’t either but Terry Murray has. I have watched Dwight King on our first line since the first minute that move was made. I didn’t get it then. I don’t get it now. He adds nothing. No offense. No defense. I don’t know whether he has much of a shot because he seems incapable of getting himself into a position to shoot. He does possess a nice shank that I have witnessed a few times. I don’t intend to be hypercritical of King. He is just not ready. This is about Terry Murray, our coach, who is willing due to a couple of bad shifts to change the lines around but after completely invisible games keeps an ineffective player on our top scoring line. Let me write that again. Our freaking top scoring line. It’s stubbornness for the sake of stubbornness. No right thinking hockey mind looks at Dwight King and sees anything other than a checker piece on a chess board.

If the Kings wanted a lesson on what a transition game looks like, they got it. In fact, quick (which is usually our strength and namesake in net) was everything Montreal represented and our Kings did not. But the Kings weren’t just beaten on the ice. They were badly out coached. Terry Murray’s answer to the escalating ass kicking tonight was nothing…and nothing is exactly what the fans saw for 2 and 1/2 periods of this game. Down 4-1 and you don’t give the defensemen the green light? You don’t start opening up the game? Same cycle? Same defensemen and one forward back? Why? Because you want to avoid losing 5-1? Keep banging your head against the wall coach. Eventually, the door to your right will open.

Jim Fox was especially annoying. Just confess your love for the Canadians and get it over with Jim. You seriously called Carey Price “statuesque”? That borders on “look out, cook out.”

The Kings miss Mitchell something horrible. Realize that you are watching last year’s team right now…the team that we were thrilled made the playoffs and lost in the first round. When Mitchell and Poni return, you will see the team that started this season – of that I am almost sure.

When was the last time we won in Montreal again? Wow.

Bernier didn’t make a single big save tonight. He didn’t play poorly. He didn’t play well. That was last season’s Ersberg in net. Not as advertised or as we have seen. He is having a difficult time adjusting to the back up role.

Justin Williams is the only player on offense worth watching. Imagine if Kopitar had Williams.

The officials sucked. An offside in the first when Kopitar clearly held it in (it wasn’t even close on the replays). The Kings would have had a 2 on 1 on that play. Another terrible offside call in the second when Doughty kept it in. Another great offensive opportunity lost. I lost track of how many hooking and holding penalties they ignored in the first two periods.

Give Montreal credit. They played a fast paced game with a focus on getting the puck to the center of the ice for scoring opportunities on offense and standing up at the blue line on defense. I expected that. Terry Murray apparently didn’t. For those giving Carey Price credit, I am not sure he broke a sweat. He didn’t have to make a single big save.

Onto the next game on Saturday. I will be there. I will be loud.


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  1. That was the worst that I have seen them outplayed in some time, and you are right, Murray did nothing to stop the bleeding. He should have pulled Bernier, which while embarrassing for JB, would have woke the rest of the team up. That was just a terrible, terrible game.

  2. They looked like shit out there tonight. What the fuck is happening?

  3. You do make me think about different aspects of the game so thank you. Very disapointing game to watch. We were totally outplayed.
    So sick of watching us dup the puck inti the oppositions end. Opponent gets, and back they come. Why can’t we skate and pass? Stick to stick.
    We have the skills. That is what annoys me!
    Cut Foxie some slack..they aren’t really allowed to say how sucky we are playing :)
    Agree with the D.King assessment. Nor ready.
    Bernier..he is in a difficult position. Goalies have enough head games going on without going from #1 to utility guy, even if it was the minors. And he has had crappy support in his few games besides.
    He should be better, but that has to be said about the whole team .
    Happy Thanksgiving’s hoping to an
    excellent game Sarurday

    GO KINGS GO !!!


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