I’ve almost recovered from Monday’s brutally heartbreaking loss to the Ottawa Senators.


Having to watch NHL referee of suck Eric Furlatt miss things in front of his face while calling others he physically can’t see for another game is keeping my head lodged well in the past.

It reminds me of a game in Montreal not so long ago where Christopher Higgins got away with holding Drew Doughty illegally just before scoring a game winning goal.

It reminds me of a certain illegal stick penalty about 17 years ago.

It reminds me that the Quebecois are no friends of mine.

But Jonathan Bernier likes them.  I’ve considered giving the French Canadian folk a reprieve from my vitriol for Berneir’s sake, who is starting in goal tonight against his hometown crowd, but instead, I’ve decided that I hope Bernier takes a more Jewish, self-loathing approach.  I hope that for this one day, when Bernier sees that big red leaf in the rafters and hears the language that was best left oversees announcing the starters in the Bell Center, all he sees are stars and stripes.

And pucks.

For god sake Kings’ defense, can we let Jonathan Bernier see a puck for once this season?  Of course I hyperbolize (doesn’t matter if that’s not a word, it is now), but the fact remains that though Bernier has not been stellar, making the kind of game changing saves we are accustomed to Johnny Quick stopping, Bernier does not fully deserve his 2-4-0 record, or his .891 SV%, or his 3.18 GAA.  He does deserve a chance to embarrass his hometown team in front of his family.  Mixed emotions are for losers.  Kill Johnny B, kill.

Speaking of kill, back to NHL referee of suck Eric Furlatt.

The Montreal Canadiens are not fond of him either.  Click on that link to see why the Quebecois think NHL Referee of suck Eric Furlatt has brain matter as separate from logic as the stripes on the shirt he disgraces.

So the question is not, will Eric Furlatt screw over a team tonight?

The question is, which team will Eric Furlatt screw over tonight?

OK, back to the land of the positive, where NHL referee of suck Eric Furlatt infect not my mind nor my soul.

The Kings must win this game to come home from the road trip (and overall on the road), with a .500 record, as all good playoff teams do.

Being what I consider a good playoff team, despite our recent powerplay suckage, I’m taking this on good faith to mean stars will align, the horrible NHL referee suckage of Eric Furlatt will have a seizure of said suckage, Jonathan Bernier will stop all pucks he sees and the Los Angeles Kings will stomp out the little glory holes of French Canada known as the Montreal Canadiens.

Always and forever,


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  1. I trust that your head will not explode if I note that the “Referee of Suckage” will in fact be officiating at the Bell Center (N.B., the proper spelling of center…) (

    Since you were able to compose the well written entry above I assume your head had not exploded hence my assumption you did not know Furlatt will be there to screw things up. If you already knew then (1) my apologies for bringing it up (2) I’m amazed that your head did not in fact explode — good job.

  2. Is it just me or did the cloud of ineptitude that floats above Furlatt just rain on his partner (Pollack)?

    On the 2:1 break away immediately before the Habs’ goal it sure looked to me like Carey Price “poke checked” Greene’s skates right out from under him. To bad he wasn’t poking at the puck since it was 10 feet away on Kopitar’s stick.

    Then Pollack got caught in the midst of the Kings’ cycling the puck — he looked like he was trying to balance a unicycle…it was some seriously ungainly skating.

    I’m not feeling good about this crew. Not good at all.

  3. Hmm comeback Kings in the third?

  4. Nevermind…

  5. I hope that home cookin’ does the trick the next couple of nights. Something has to change. And soon.


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