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  1. This is not good. Not only could we lose a prospect for nothing, but it probably means that someone is either hurt, or that Dwight King is being sent down, which is the only positive that I can see here. When did this get announced?

    • Wait… John Zeiler is a prospect?!?

      • Doesn’t need to be. He had to clear waivers to get sent down and as I recall, every year is considered a new year with respect to waivers. Thus, he has to clear them on the way up even if it’s the following year. He doesn’t qualify for any exemption of which I am aware. Recall Avery last season had to go through it to come back up.

  2. Ha, no I get that he falls under the guidelines of re-entry waivers. I’m just not sure he qualifies as an actual “prospect” for the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team.

  3. Mis-statement on my part, humble apologies all round. I knew he was in Manchester, and at the moment that I wrote that didn’t fully recall his entire history with the organization. Read “property” where I wrote “prospect” if that helps.

  4. Man I forgot he was still in Manchester!

  5. to have a consistantly winning team there’s so much more to the equation than talented players. I know all of u pretty much know that already, jz is being called up for a different reason than his hockey skills. Although he is a decent player, maybe Not a regular n the show but has other aspects that r key to having success. What john brings to the table is mostly off the ice, even though he does skate with a lot of energy, that’s not why he’s here. If a team lacks charactor n off ice energy then it will 100% effect the way they play. Jz is a very liked and loose person. He definetley brings a lot of comic relief to the team, a different type of comedy(not like Greener’s comedy) which is extremely important. Being a comic relief/role player n my short lived career knows exactly what they r expecting from zeiler. I was much like john, there were a million better players than me but my charactor n comic relief off the ice never made it hard to land a job with almost any team i approached. The kings have lost a few games n the room is probably starting to tense up n if they don’t do something now it could b a bad Yr Its already clear the kings have a good team and plenty of talent. They must of been lacking something off the ice, hints-recalling z. I think its an extremely smart move to bring z back. Its not gonna put a wrench n the lines and just enough to shake the room up a little. What z is gonna bring to the kings is gonna go unseen n unappreciated by the fans but is a huge role n having consistent success. Z is one of the nicest n approachable players I Know. U have to remember most of these guys don’t have any friends or family within a 1000 miles so it really helps to have a Z n the room. So I really hope guys like z start to b appreciated more because the roles they play can b as big as the heros role. Unless u have played professionally or even juniors then u probably will continue to complain about a call up like z, but there’s soooooo much more to hockey than talent. I hope everybody will stop bagging z, he will help the team, promise u that. Sucks his contributions r gonna go unnoticed, but they r huge. I went to LA during training camp to see some old buddies and went out with all the boys a few nights and really took a liking 2 zeiler. His comic relief n Rico suave looks n attire was second to none. I had a great time that night n couldn’t of been out with a funner group l, n it just so happened that the center of attention n comic relief was JZ. He is a very liked from both the vets and rookies. When I saw they recalled him i new exactly why they did. Great move I think. been out with a funner group l, n it just so happened that the center of attention n comic relief was JZ. He is a very liked from both the vets and rookies. When I saw they recalled him new exactly why they did. Great move I think

    • Nice to hear from someone who understands hockey, and what it takes to put a team together. I am very good friends with Z. He is the ultimate person and team player. There are a lot of players in the NHL that if they had John’s heart and dedication to working out ,and every aspect of the game, would be so much better than they are. I wish we had him here in Pittsburgh so I could watch him more. Sid the Kid would absolutely love Z.


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