Oh to be home again.

The Los Angeles Kings return from a 4 game road trip, having only one win against Boston to proudly carry in front of them, one lame third period against Buffalo digging into their scalps, a single screw sticking out of their neck with the image of NHL Referee of suck Eric Furlatt emblazoned in the disdain center of their brains, and one pitiful effort against Montreal strapped to their back.

Tonight the Chicago Blackhawks glide into town, another struggling team, but of the less streaky, more Jekyll and Hyde variety.  In their last 4 starts, the Hawks have won  by 3 goals, lost by 3 goals, won by 6 and lost by 5.  If bipolar disorder was the mother of lofty expectations, then Patrick Kane would be crapping out Marty Turco as we speak.  A coincidence that those two wins were backstopped by Corey Crawford and the losses by Turco?  I’ve been saying for two years that Turco is washed up.  New shiny red pads don’t change that.  Unfortunately for the Kings, Chicago got wind of how Turco’s pimp gave us carte blanche to demean and defile Marty in any way we please, so Crawford will be starting in goal tonight for the Hawks.

On the Kings side of the ice, we already covered the line changes the Kings will make tonight.  Simmonds on the first line, Brown to the left wing, King to the 4th line, Lewis to the third, yadda yadda, yadda as if any of it displaces effort and discipline.  It is still unclear whether or not there will be changes on defense.  Let’s hope not.  Rob Scuderi has been bothered by something since the end of the Montreal game… probably lice or an inflamed canker sore or he has a rash on the webbing between his toes (my best guesses as there has been absolutely zero word why he has missed parts of two skating sessions).  Although now that I think about it, considering this happened in Montreal, perhaps the good old American Scuderi simply got the accent of one of the Canadien’s staff members stuck in his brain and is being tormented by the French a Canadian speaks much the same way Jacob Marley clanged his chains for Ebenezer Scrooge.

OK, that digression was probably long enough.  Point being, with the word on the street being that Peter Harrold will skate in the pregame warm-up at Staples, Scuderi is a game time decision.  If Rob does in fact sit this one out… well, shit.

That’s about all I have to say about the that.

Doughty, Johnson, Greene, Martinez, Drewiske, Harrold… I see some puck movement mixed with a dash of shot blocking, some big hits and… what’s that in the background?  Its screaming towards us pretty quickly… holy hell run away its blown coverage!  I cringe at the thought of this team without both Willie Mitchell AND Rob Scuderi.  But hey, Rob may still suit up tonight, so let’s go with that as the prevailing thought.  If ever Scuderi was truly “THE Piece”, tonight would be that night.

As Bobby said earlier today, winning cures all.  Winning in front of the home town crowd is even equivalent to a short term booster shot.  If we all walk out of Staples Center tonight yelling “Hey Blackhawk fans…. YOU SUCK!” then I won’t have to take back all those things I said I was thankful for the other night.  Not that I still won’t love my family, appreciate a good meal, enjoy the company of friends, but I might not remember all that I am grateful for if I have to spend my Saturday night smashing my skull against the concrete.

Does the term, ‘we are due’ mean anything to you?

It should.

Always and forever,


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  1. Depressing. Thoroughly depressing.

    What happened to the crisp, tape-to-tape, passing to a teammate on the move to break free of the defensive zone? Where did the effective forechecking go? Does anybody actually want to shoot the f’ing puck?

    December means the end of Movemeber; Doughty will shave his heinous mustache — that has to help.

    At least there were signs of some hustle tonight.


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