Kasey took another round of pictures at the Kings first practice back at Toyota Sports Center.

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Couple of things…

Clearly front of net presence is something Murray is stressing.

Dwight King may have replaced Jack Johnson as possessing the most disturbing smile on the team.  I can’t decide if his eyeballs betray the soul of a hockey player or of a Muppet.

I remember being called a racist in photography class in college when I said that you had to light black people more than white people.  Exhibit A that I am not a bigot… Wayne Simmonds.

Am I the only one who looks at the shots of Trevor Lewis stick handling in front of Dwight King and wonders when the last time I read Of Mice & Men?  A note to King, when you score in the NHL, scoring in practice isn’t that exciting.

If you haven’t already looked at the full gallery, DO IT!

As always, we thank Kasey for her undying passion for our Kings and the still image.