The period that Jonathan Quick won and Drew Doughty promptly lost.

Quick was fantastic.  Several high percentage shots batted away.  A goal against off a perfect shot on a Duck powerplay…

Their second consecutive powerplay…

After two consecutive penalties by Drew Doughty…

Consecutive like one penalty, then five or so minutes later, another penalty, right?

Wrong.  A penalty.  2 minutes.  Two steps out of the box.  Blatant tripping penalty.  Absurd.  His demeanor is all wrong tonight.  He needs to be smacked.  Or spanked, since his maturity level on the ice is starting to mirror that of his age group off the ice.

Upside was a strong powerplay effort and some fantastic defensive play by Drewiske, single handedly saving a goal from the hands of the albino monster, Blake.

This game is very much up for grabs.

And I very much wouldn’t mind Doughty not seeing a minute of ice time in the third.  Prove your method Mr. Teach Murray.

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4 replies

  1. Drew Doughty looking more like Drew Doughboy this year.

  2. Awful. Not much of a threatening offense at all. No creativity. Hopefully some bad luck too.

    Feeling kind of dejected right now…

  3. Wow….Drew Doughty needs to spend some time on the treadmill and in the weight room. He’s looking like a fat fuck and that moustache sucks. He singlehandedly lost this game for us.


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