Something has been missing.

Something that is not a left winger.  Something that is not an offensively dynamic system.  Something that does not use the longest hockey stick allowed.  Something that is not Ukrainian.

Is it John Zeiler, recently cleared from the waiver wire?

Could be.  That remains to be seen.

Is it Brayden Schenn, fresh off 7 points in 7 games with the Monarchs?

That’s what we call wishful thinking.

Its the holiday season, so Disney must fit in somewhere.  Ah.  There it is.

The Anaheim Ducks.

One would think it difficult to be missing something that is never missed, nor wanted.  Such is not the case with the dichotomous, mutually symbiotic need shared between the Los Angeles Kings and that other team near the theme park.  In the Kings, the Ducks have their reason for being and a source to usurp fickle fans.  In the Ducks, the Kings have a rival to fight with for bragging rights and the ever dangling carrot of a playoff series that would blow any and all previous match-ups out of the water in terms of vigor and hostility.

Both teams are missing their ability to win hockey games.

The Ducks have 1 win in their last 7 games.  The Kings also have 1 win in their last 7.  Someone will be on the up and up after this game.  The Ducks just snapped a 6 game losing streak on Saturday against Phoenix.  The Kings are in the middle of a three game losing streak.  To me, that means the Ducks are due to start another losing streak and the Kings are ready to snap one.

If ever there were a time for pride and passion to be a precursor to power, tonight is the perfect set-up.  A nice, soft, underhand slow pitch from an orange mound.  As is always the case in a losing streak, this game presents an opportunity to rebound.  The Ducks must be used in the same manner as the hideous wart-faced wench you picked up at the Yardhouse Saturday night to forget about the girl from Chicago who laughed at you earlier that evening.  Just stay away from the women in Anaheim… I hear they are actually all men.

Speaking of men, that brings me to another thing the Kings have been missing.  Namely, a man to step up in the locker room and demand this team do better.  A man to take that charge on to the ice and make a difference.  A man to put even a single shift on his back and carry his team toward the net and through it.

Finally, you may remember just a month ago, before a single regular season game was played between these two teams, the rivalry for the year was started by none other than Pink himself.  When Corey Perry and his buddy Joffrey Lupul invaded a Halloween party thrown by a Kings’ fan, they set themselves up for revenge that will begin tonight.  So for those of you King fans who will be treading into enemy territory to see this game live, make sure Corey Perry remembers that we know of his misdeeds.

Tonight, the Kings will no longer be missing a rivalry.

They better not leave missing two points.

Always and forever,