I have updated this article as more news has come in. I am a little proud that we were (I believe) the first Kings’ media outlet and/or blog to break the Sturm trade. That and .50 cents as the expression goes…

The trade is confirmed. The Kings only gave up a conditional draft pick. The pick appears to be a 5th rounder but that could go up (the condition) depending on games played and points. The latter is not yet confirmed by the team. Sturm still has to pass a physical but that is almost routine at this point.  He will pass it.

I told Surly just two nights ago that I had a fear Dean would trade for Sturm and that would be the answer on left wing…I should learn to keep my concerns to myself.

Sturm is only signed through this season. His cap hit is $3.5 million per season. He is a rental for now, depending of course on his performance.

He has had (surprise, surprise) injury problems.

He underwent surgery to repair his meniscus and ACL in his left knee during the 08–09 season, where he only played 19 games. Then, last season, you may recall he suffered another knee injury in the semi’s against the Flyers. He didn’t play another game for them and he hasn’t played a single game this season as he underwent surgery again. I understand he has been cleared to play but still may be a couple of weeks away.

Sturm’s game is a speed game. He is (when healthy) lightning fast and he does have a good shot. He is a 20 goal scorer and is willing to play the hard hitting game along the boards. But remember the disclaimer…when healthy. I am not sure what a player who has undergone TWO knee surgeries over 3 years is going to contribute now to a team that needs a first line left winger to put up goals and points.

Dean Lombardi drafted Sturm back in 1996. Dean, as my buddy Howard Roark has observed, loves German born players.

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  1. I think Sturm is a hell of a player and a GREAT fit for our team… too bad he comes with such a major caveat.

    Lets hope the team has righted the ship before Sturm is ready to play and in game shape (apparently 2-3 weeks). That way he can simply buoy a team that is already getting its groove back. When Poni also comes back we are suddenly strong down the left wing with Smyth, Poni & Sturm.

    Let the line madness fun begin! (why not?)


    Wow… those can actually be called 3 scoring lines.

    • why do you have brown on the 3rd line? shouldnt he be with stoll and sturm to play in front of the net?

      • Don’t care for Brown with Stoll. Brown with Zus, I love. I think those three as a trio would cause some serious havok on offense while being dominant defensively. I’m not totally opposed to Brown with Stoll and Sturm, I’d just like to see what I put tried out.

  2. Lets end this losing streak tonight. I can’t wait to see the team when everyone is back.

  3. I just wish he was healthy enought to play in the next game.. I guess we have to have patience (sigh).

  4. I don’t know much about Sturm, really. I trust and value both your opinions, so if you both say he’s a good fit, then I’m happy.

    I am a little nervous and probably a little uptight he’s coming off a major injury and hasn’t played yet this year, but I’ll be open minded and hope things work out.

    Let’s go boys. It’s our time.

    • If it works out at all. Trade is being reported as dead for now. Then again the Williams trade was ‘dead’ too. Unless Sturm is beyond tore up I think it will ultimately go through. With Dean’s history of trading for injured players, I would think Sturm would have to be in serious trouble physically for Dean to pass. That or Dean has changed his philosophy a bit or got wind of something else today that’s more intriguing.


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